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4th Research in Medical Education (RIME) Symposium 2015

19.03-21.03.2015, München

Poster Presentations
Communication and Social Skills

Meeting Abstract (P31)

Facilitating communication competency: an interprofessional seminar on medical error communication

Berger S, Burian M, Schiessling S, Leowardi C, Mahler C, Ose D, Kadmon M
Meeting Abstract (P32)

How physicians at the Frankfurt University Hospital see their role as a teacher

Ebert T, Löffler C, Schilling L, Ochsendorf F
Meeting Abstract (P33)

What is the published evidence on values and attitudes of undergraduate medical students towards palliative care education?

Scherg A, Wenzel-Meyburg U, Junius L, Schmitz A, Schulz C
Meeting Abstract (P34)

Decision making in oncology – how does uncertainty affect physicians during this process? – A simulated explorative study

Schoenfeld C, Wuensch A, Dinkel A, Berberat P, Razavi D, Libert Y
Meeting Abstract (P35)

Competency-based medical education: Certainty in evidence-based decision-making in own and other domain

Wermelt M, Hetmanek A, Wecker C, Trempler K, Gräsel C, Fischer F, Fischer MR, Kiesewetter J
Meeting Abstract (P36)

Breaking bad news – how do physicians cope with this challenge? A qualitative study to assess coping strategies of oncologists and medical students using Stimulated Recall

Wettstaedt M, Wuensch A, Berberat P