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4th Research in Medical Education (RIME) Symposium 2015

19.03-21.03.2015, München

Poster Presentations
Learning & Skills

Meeting Abstract (P11)

Optimization of clinical bedside teaching through structured improvement measures

Fünger SM, Lesevic H, Berberat P, Ott O, Sonne C
Meeting Abstract (P12)

What is the effect of experiential learning in undergraduate palliative care education?

Junius L, Wenzel-Meyburg U, Scherg A, Schmitz A, Schulz C
Meeting Abstract (P13)

Exploring the synergy of technical and non-technical skills in emergency medicine

Scheumann MK, Jossberger H, Gruber H, Graf BM, Zausig YA
Meeting Abstract (P14)

Improving medical students non-technical skills relevant for advanced life support

Scheumann MK, Jossberger H, Gruber H, Graf BM, Zausig Y
Meeting Abstract (P15)

The role of clinical knowledge in clinical reasoning activities: knowledge is not enough to solve the problems

Schmidmaier R, Kiesewetter J, Ebersbach R, Tsalas N, Holzer M, Fischer MR
Meeting Abstract (P16)

Developing an Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA) “Conducting a ward round” in the surgical and psychiatric-psychosomatic branch. Domain specific versus general aspects

Vietz E, Beltermann E, Lottspeich C, Wölfel T, Fischer MR, Schmidmaier R
Meeting Abstract (P21)

Adapted peer-assisted PEYTON-Method and gradual assessment for sustainability of student’s skill to exercise indirect mirror technique of the Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) area

Grasl M, Hanisch M, Kremser K
Meeting Abstract (P22)

The relationship between medical competencies and overall preparedness among graduates

Sudmann S, Rath D, Scherer A, Forkmann T, Gauggel S