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4th Research in Medical Education (RIME) Symposium 2015

19.03-21.03.2015, München

Short Communications
Session 2 B – Technology-enhanced Learning

Meeting Abstract (S2B1)

Technology-enhanced lecturing: How students perceive the move from the traditional approach to a blended learning format

Lochner L, Wieser H, Waldboth S, Mischo-Kelling M
Meeting Abstract (S2B2)

Video-based self-reflection: a new tool in an innovative teaching concept concerning interprofessional collaboration

Loudovici-Krug D, Dahmen U, Smolenski U, Schulze C, Veit A
Meeting Abstract (S2B3)

Experience with Video-Based Self Control in surgical education: An innovative but technically demanding concept

Sänger C, Dahmen U, Schindler C, Settmacher U, Dirsch O
Meeting Abstract (S2B4)

How do “digital natives” learn pharmacology? A prospective cohort study on the use of learning media by undergraduate medical students

Gutmann J, Kühbeck F, Muehlich S, Berberat P, Fischer MR, Engelhardt S, Sarikas A
Meeting Abstract (S2B5)

Students‘ use of e-learning in undergraduate palliative care education (UPCE)

Schulz C, Wenzel-Meyburg U, Fetz K, Karger A, Scherg A, Schmitz A
Meeting Abstract (S2B6)

Fostering competencies in medical education with video-based worked-out examples

Zirn L, Stegmann K, Siebeck M, Fischer F