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21. Jahrestagung der Retinologischen Gesellschaft gemeinsam mit dem
8. Symposium der International Society of Ocular Trauma

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Retinologie
International Society of Ocular Trauma

19.06. - 22.06.2008, Würzburg

ISOT3: Glimpse of Russia

Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V020)

The Effect of OECs Xenotransplantation on Post-trauma Reparation and Functional Activity of the Retina

Chentsova E, Kuprashvili I, Zueva M, Tsapenko I, Saburina I
Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V021)

Microsurgery of eye vessels

Gundorova R, Galchin A
Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V022)

Surgical treatment of scleral ruptures with application of polyester materials

Gundorova R, Tkhelidze N
Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V023)

Influence of qualified surgery exploration of subconjunctival scleral ruptures to their outcome

Oganesyan O, Filatova I, Tkhelidze N, Harb AH
Meeting Abstract (ISOTRG2008V024)

Indications for the encircling buckle (EB) procedure in severe open-globe eye injury (OGI)

Boiko E, Shishkin M, Dolgih V