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48th Meeting of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group

Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG)

28.09. - 03.10.2009, Heidelberg


Meeting Abstract (09ptcog001)

Estimation of secondary cancer risk induced by itensity modulated radiotherapy and passive proton beam therapy

Ahn SH, Kim J, Cheong M, Shin D, Park SY, Lee S, Yoon M, Shin KH, Cho KH
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog002)

Design and Performance of a Multileaf Collimator for Proton Therapy

Ainsley C, Avery S, Diffenderfer E, Dolney D, Lin L, McDonough J, Metz J, Scheuermann R, Tochner ZA
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog003)

Whole ventricular irradiation for localised Intracranial Germinoma: arguments for proton therapy in comparison to IMRT and Tomotherapy

Alapetite C, De Marzi L, Zefkili S, Dauphinot C, Amessis M, Bolle S, Lacroix F, Robilliard M, Habrand JL, Mazal A, Ferrand R, Bey P
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog004)

The influence of starting conditions on the robustness of intensity modulated proton therapy plans

Albertini F, Lomax A, Hug E
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog005)

Proton range verifiaction using a range probe: definition of concept, initial analysis and mesurements

Algranati C, Mumot M, Lin S, Hartmann M, Grossmann M, Schippers JM, Hug E, Lomax A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog006)

Techniques for Using Patient Positioning System Digital X-ray Images for Alignment QA in Proton Treatment Rooms

Allgower C
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog007)

A dual hadrontherapy center based on a cyclinac

Amaldi U, Bonomi R, Degiovanni A, Garonna A, Verdu S, Wegner R
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog008)

Adron therapy in the treatment of chordoma of the spinal axis: a systematic review

Amelio D, Cianchetti M, Rombi B, Amichetti M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog009)

Automatic selection of optimal beam configurations for robust heavy ion radiotherapy planning: validation of a density based index

Ammazzalorso F, Jelen U, Kraemer M, Engenhart-Cabillic R
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog010)

Dosimetric Advantages of Protons for Partial Breast Irradiation

Andrews J, Wai Cheng C, Kagawa K, Das I, Johnstone P
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog011)

Analytic estimates of secondary neutron dose in double scattering and uniform scanning modes of proton therapy

Anferov V
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog012)

RippleCompensator for Scanning Particle Therapy

Arnold M, Farr J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog013)

Development of Pencil Beam Scanning Nozzle System

Asaba T, Tachikawa T, Ochi T, Yamada M, Nishio T, Ogino T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog014)

Development of a new TPS kernel for hadrontherapy

Attili A, Bourhaleb F, Russo G, Schmitt E, Marchetto F, Monaco V, Peroni C
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog015)

A novel framework for beam angle optimization in intensity modulated hadron therapy

Bangert M, Oelfke U
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog016)

Neutrons from Antiproton Irradiation

Bassler N, Holzscheiter M, Petersen J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog017)

Tissue segmentation issues in Monte Carlo treatment planning for proton radiotherapy

Bazalova M, Verhaegen F
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog018)

A method for in-vivo range control for prostate treatment by anterior-posterior fields

Bentefour EH, Lu H, Prieels D
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog019)

Does delivery in the presence of organ motion

Bert C
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog020)

Influence of target motion on (scanned) particle beam irradiation

Bert C
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog021)

Late effects of particle radiations

Blakely E, Roach III M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog022)

Long-term results of chemoradiation therapy with photons/protons for locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Bolle S, Levy A, Calugaru V, Feuvret L, Habrand JL, Noel G
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog023)

Investigation on the impact of ripple filters on the biological modeling of the beam delivery line for active scan irradiation technique in heavy-ion radiotherapy

Bourhaleb F, Attili A, Russo G, Schmitt E, Marchetto F, Giordanengo S, Monaco V, Sacchi R, Cirio R, Peroni C, Donetti M, Garella MA
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog024)

Nuclear emulsion film detectors for proton radiography: design and test of the first prototype

Braccini S, Ereditato A, Kreslo I, Moser U, Pistillo C, Scampoli P, Studer S
Mit Erratum (06.10.2009)
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog025)

Design and performance of an ionization chamber monitor for IBA proton treatment lines

Brusasco C, Colin J, Courtois C, De Neuter S, Fontbonne JM, Marchand B, Perronnel J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog026)

Common control system software for the advanced scanning techniques of PSIs Gantry 2 and the highly efficient passive scattering technique of Optis 2

Bula C, Rees S, Mayor A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog027)

Proton Therapy for Lung Cancer at LLUMC

Bush D
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog028)

Quality Assurance for a Dedicated Stereotactic Beamline

Bussiere M, Daartz J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog029)

MGH Proton Radiosurgery: Resource Description and Patient Logistics

Bussiere M, Daartz J, Chapman P, Loeffler J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog030)

Radiation Safety Training for Clinical Staff at Proton Centers

Bussiere M, McCormack J, Sisterson J, Shih H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog031)

Low Energy Prompt γ-ray Imaging of the Proton Range in Proton Radiation Therapy

Butuceanu C
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog032)

Impact of the beam angle configuration on the quality and the robustness of a particle therapy plan

Cabal G, Luan S, Jäkel O
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog033)

An algorithm for optimizing beam angle configuration in particle therapy

Cabal G, Luan S, Jäkel O
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog034)

Relative biological effectiveness of the modulated protons beams used at the Institute Curie-Protontherapy Center in Orsay (ICPO)

Calugaru V, Nauraye C, Megnin-Chanet F, Noel G, Favaudon V
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog035)

Outcomes of Pediatric Craniopharyngioma Treated with Proton Radiation Therapy

Chang A, Fitzek M, Kruter L, Thornton A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog036)

Patch Field Technique in Proton Beam Radiation Therapy for Selective Tissue Avoidance

Chang A, Fitzek M, Shahnazi K, Thornton A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog037)

Clinical Evidence of Increased Radiobiological Effect at the Distal Stopping Edge of a Proton Beam

Chang A, Fitzek M, Thornton A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog038)

The STAR Radiosurgery Program at Harvard and MGH – The Successful Optimization of Resources at Two Facilities

Chapman P
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog039)

Range adaptation controlled by ion-optics for the beam tracking of moving targets

Chaudhri N, Saito N, Bert C, Steidl P, Franzcak B, Durante M, Rietzel E, Schardt D
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog040)

Definitive high dose photon/proton radiotherapy for unresected chordomas

Chen YL, Kobayashi W, Childs S, Hornicek F, Rosenberg A, Nielsen GP, Rosenthal D, Suit H, DeLaney T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog041)

Quantitative Assessment of the Visibility of Fiducial Makers in Prostate by Monte Carlo Simulation of On-Board kV Imaging System

Chen Y, O'Connell J, Ko C, McDonough J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog042)

Long-term Outcome of Proton Beam Therapy for Advanced Sinonasal Malignancies

Cianchetti M, Adams JA, Pommier P, Wang JJ, Liebsch NJ, McIntyre JF, Chan A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog043)

Dose deposited in the beam halo by a scanned protonpencil beam

Clasie B, Kooy H, Fransen M, Depauw N, Flanz J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog044)

Radiobiological evaluation and correlation with the local effect model (LEM) of carbon ion radiation therapy and temozolomide in glioblastoma cell lines: Radiobiological Basis for a Phase II Clinical Study Protocol (CLEOPATRA)

Combs S, Kieser M, Wick W, Unterberg A, Bohl J, Elsässer T, Weber KJ, Schulz-Ertner D, Weyrather WK, Debus J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog045)

Carbon ion radiation therapy for high-risk meningiomas

Combs S, Hartmann C, Nikoghosyan A, Jaekel O, Karger CP, von Deimling A, Münter M, Huber PE, Debus J, Schulz-Ertner D
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog046)

A Dosimetric Comparison of IMPT versus IMRT for Early-Stage Prostate Cancer

Corradetti MN, Scheuermann R, Curtiland D, Tochner ZA, Both S, Vapiwala N
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog047)

Feasibility study of MLC based IMPT

Daartz J, Trofimov A, Paganetti H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog048)

Incidence of Neovascular Glaucoma after proton beam therapy of uveal melanoma using anterior structure sparing techniques of the eye

Daftari I, Rajendran R, Mishra K, Castro JR, Quivey JM, Phillips TL, Char DH
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog049)

Optimum Beam Energy And Treatment Room Setup For A Clinical Proton Beam Therapy

Das I, Moskvin V, Zhao Q, Cheng CW, Johnstone P
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog050)

Low-Z Inhomogeneity Correction in Proton Beam Therapy

Das I, Fanelli L, Somers M, Wolanski M, Cheng CW, Singh A, Ko SC, DesRosiers C, Johnstone P
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog051)

To compare treatment planning results for primary radiotherapy of prostate cancer using proton, 3-dimensional conformal and intensity modulated radiotherapy

De Meerleer G, Roelofs E, Engelsman M, Persoon L, Coghe M, van den Boogaard J, Fonteyne V, Madani I, De Neve W, Scholz M, Debus J, Jäkel O, Verhaegen F, Pijls-Johannesma M, Lambin P
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog052)

Particle Therapy for Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas: A Retrospective Study

Demizu Y, Murakami M, Miyawaki D, Mima M, Terashima K, Arimura T, Niwa Y, Hishikawa Y
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog053)

High-Resolution Scintillation Screen Detectors for Hadron Therapy

Ebstein S, Wright J, Flanz J, Kooy H, Clasie B
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog054)

Generalization of the Local Effect Model – Biological Treatment Planning from Protons to Carbon Ions

Elsässer T, Durante M, Scholz M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog055)

Quality Assurance of Hounsfield Values for Therapy Planning

Engelke J, Jäkel O
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog056)

Proton radiotherapy: is “batched” field delivery botched field delivery?

Engelsman M, DeLaney T, Hong T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog057)

The Project onCOOPtics: High-Intensity Lasers for Radiooncology

Enghardt W, Baumann M, Cowan T, Kaluza M, Pawelke J, Sauerbrey R, Schramm U, Tünnermann A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog058)

Ability to use Telemedicine Platforms to Teach Proton Treatment Planning at multiple locations as demonstrated in Resident Education

Erickson D, Greer L, Belard A, Tinnel B, O'Connell J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog059)

Gaussian beam sigma and field number effects ondose conformity in intensity modulated proton therapy

Farr J, Geismar D, Kaiser A, Stuschke M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog060)

Proton treatment of prostate cancer in the presence of unilateral hip replacement

Fitzek M, Shahnazi K, Simmons J, Thornton A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog061)

From Passive to Active Beam Spreading at MGH

Flanz J, Kooy H, Clasie B
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog062)

Experimental verification of interplay effects of intrafractional tumor motion in a proton beam uniform scanning system with dose layer stacking

Fleckenstein J, Jahnke L, Pack D, Anferov V, Fitzek M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog063)

Clinical GyE: the NIRS approach and the dependency of RBE from dose per fraction

Fossati P, Matsufuji N, Kamada T, Tsuji H, Hasegawa A, Orecchia R, Tsujii H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog064)

Differential DNA Repair Mechanisms in Response to Proton and Photon Irradiation

Frenzel N, Hug E, Lomax A, Staab A, Sartori A, Pruschy M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog065)

Impact of tissue type and effect level on the uncertainties of RBE: Experimental and modelling aspects

Friedrich T, Elsässer T, Durante M, Scholz M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog066)

An automated system to streamline clinical workflow, plan review and QA for Radiation Therapy

Frouhar V, Yeung D, Malyapa R, Zuofeng L, Li Z, McKenzie C, Palta J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog067)

Development of treatment planning algorithm for the discrete spot scanning system

Fujimoto R, Fujitaka S, Hiramoto K
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog068)

Development of raster scanning system at NIRS-HIMAC

Furukawa T, Inaniwa T, Sato S, Saotome N, Noda K
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog069)

Preliminary characterization of the beam monitors for CNAO with the PSI clinical proton beam

Giordanengo S, Donetti M, Garella MA, Ansarinejad C, Tomba C, Lin S, Attili A, Bourhaleb F, Cirio R, Marchetto F, Monaco V, Pedroni E, Peroni C, Russo G, Sacchi R
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog070)

Proton radiation therapy of ocular melanoma at PSI – long term analysis

Goitein G, Schalenbourg A, Verwey J, Bolsi A, Ares C, Chamot L, Hug E, Zografos L
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog071)

Scattering power of radiotherapy protons

Gottschalk B
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog072)

Amorphous track modelling of luminescence detector efficiency in proton and carbon beams

Greilich S, Grzanka L, Bassler N, Andersen CE, Jäkel O
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog073)

Exploring Particle Therapy

Grözinger SO
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog074)

Status Report: Particle Therapy Centre of Marburg

Grübling P, Weber U
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog075)

Simulations and Detector Development for the Validation of GEANT4 Nuclear Interaction Models for Use in Proton and Ion Therapy

Gruenwald O, Schloemer L, Lotze S, Salmagne C, Fiedler P, Schweizer B, Stahl A, Eble M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog076)

Cell survival in carbon beams – comparison of amorphous track model predictions

Grzanka L, Greilich S, Korcyl M, Bassler N, Jäkel O, Waligórski M, Olko P
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog077)

Density scaling of the proton beam spectrum for analytic reconstruction of the SOBP

Guemnie Tafo A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog078)

Combined modality approaches in the treatment of head-and-neck cancer patients: a retrospective single institution analysis

Guido A, Cecconi A, Bunkheila F, Barbieri E
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog079)

Protontherapy in pediatric malignancies

Habrand JL, Datchary J, Bolle S, Alapetite C, Helfre S
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog080)

Dose-escalation with photon/proton irradiation for lower-grade glioma in the pediatric age: the Orsay experience

Habrand JL, Datchary J, Alapetite C, Bolle S, Petras S, Dhermain F, Ferrand R, Grill J, Bey P
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog081)

Improvement of the dose distribution formed by carbon-ion beam with a bi-material range compensator

Hara Y, Takada Y, Hotta K, Himukai T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog082)

Comparison of Gafchromic® EBT and EBT2 film in photon and carbon ion beams

Hartmann B, Martišíková M, Jäkel O
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog083)

Carbon Ion Radiotherapy for Head-and-Neck Tumors Invading the Skull Base

Hasegawa A, Mizoe JE, Jingu K, Bessho H, Kamada T, Tsujii H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog084)

Experience at Rinecker Proton Therapy Center after start of the patient treatments

Hauffe J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog085)

Improvements in the Fragmentation Model of SHIELD-HIT08

Henkner K, Sobolevsky N, Jäkel O
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog086)

First Clinical Experience at the Rinecker Proton Therpay Center, Munich

Herbst M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog087)

Monte Carlo calculations of dose to medium and dose to water for carbon ion beams in various media

Herrmann R, Petersen J, Bassler N
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog088)

Influence of density variations on the proton range in therapy of ocular tumors

Heufelder J, Weber A, Cordini D, Stark R
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog089)

Protontherapy of ocular tumors for very young children under general anesthesia

Heufelder J, Weber A, Moser L, Willerding G, Brunne B, Cordini D, Stark R, Hinkelbein W, Foerster MH
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog090)

Development of Internet-based Survivorship Care Plans for Cancer Survivors Treated with Proton Therapy

Hill-Kayser C, Vachani C, Hampshire M, Jacobs L, Metz J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog091)

Optimization of the RBE-Weighted Dose in Heavy-Ion Therapy

Horcicka M, Buschbacher A, Gemmel A, Durante M, Kraemer M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog092)

Verification of Simplified Monte Carlo Algorithm in Treatment Planning for Proton Cancer Therapy

Hotta K, Kohno R, Takada Y, Tansho R, Hara Y, Himukai T, Kameoka S, Nishio T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog093)

Doses at shallow depths of modulated proton beams delivered by double-scatterers and uniform scanning methods

Hsi W, Zhoa G, Li Z, Zuofeng L
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog094)

Fiber optic scintillator for high resolution dosimetry system of low energy proton beam

Hwang UJ, Jung H, Rah J, Ahn SH, Lim Y, Kim D, Yoon M, Shin D, Lee S, Park SY
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog095)

Beam model used in treatment planning for carbon-ion scanning with range shifter plates

Inaniwa T, Furukawa T, Sato S, Nagano A, Saotome N, Kanematsu N, Noda K
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog096)

Demonstration of a Simple Proton Arc with MAGIC Gel

Jesseph R, Shahnazi K, Fitzek M, Thornton A, Jesseph J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog097)

Negative Pressure Breast Stabilization Device (BSD) for Proton Partial Breast Irradiation

Jesseph J, Hahn K, Jesseph R, Jesseph J, McFall K, Taylor L, Schreuder N
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog098)

Surgical Organ Displacement for Proton Radiotherapy

Jesseph J, Fitzek M, Shahnazi K, Chang A, Thornton A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog099)

Optimized beam optics for scanned proton beams in a gantry

Jongen Y, Saive G
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog100)

Air filled ionization chambers and their response to high LET radiation

Kaiser FJ, Bassler N, Tölli H, Jäkel O
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog101)

New Eyeball Phantom for Verification of Patient Positioning and Eye Fixation at the IFJ PAN eye proton facility

Kajdrowicz T, Czopyk L, Cywicka-Jakiel T, Dulny B, Horwacik T, Olko P, Ptaszkiewicz M, Swakon J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog102)

Carbon ion radiotherapy for bone and soft tissue sarcomas

Kamada T, Sugahara S, Imai R, Suzuki M, Okada T, Tsuji H, Tsujii H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog103)

NRoCK, North European Radiooncological Center Kiel

Kampf R
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog104)

Dosimetric Comparison of Parallel Opposed-Laterals versus Parallel Opposed-Laterals plus an Anterior Field for Proton Therapy Prostate Plans

Kamrava M, Kramer K, Erickson D, Kiteley R, Belard A, O'Connell J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog105)

Incorporation of Gaussian beam splitting into the grid dose spreading algorithm for radiotherapy with heavy charged particles

Kanematsu N
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog106)

Quality Assurance for Beam Scanning

Karger CP
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog107)

Relative biological effectiveness of carbon ions in normal tissue and tumors

Karger CP, Peschke P, Scholz M, Huber PE, Debus J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog108)

On the treatment optimization in radiotherapy

Kempe J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog109)

Overview of the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute

Keppel C
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog110)

Hypofractionation variants of proton boost in prostate cancer treating

Khmelevsky E, Kharchenko V, Kancheli I, Klenov G, Lomanov M, Lyulevich V, Pokhvata V, Khoroshkov V
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog111)

Secondary neutron doses measurement for the eye treatment proton therapy at the KNCC

Kim D, Ahn SH, Lee S, Park SY, Rha J, Whang U, Yoon M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog112)

GafChromic film spectroscopy of a laser-accelerated proton beam: a dose to water, Monte Carlo approach

Kirby D, Green S, Fiorini F, Romagnani L, Borghesi M, Kar S, Doria D
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog113)

Multiple charged Carbon-Ion Production for the Heavy Ion Therapy

Kitagawa A, Fujita T, Muramatsu M, Sasaki N, Takasugi W, Wakaisami M, Biri S, Drentje A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog114)

Commissioning of a combined carbon and proton therapy treatment planning system

Klemm S, Jaekel O, Ellerbrock M, Ackermann B, Brons S, Winter M, Parodi K, Mairani A, Karger CP, Haberer T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog115)

Measurements of Dose Distribution Using a MOSFET Detector for Therapeutic Proton Beam

Kohno R, Hotta K, Kameoka S, Matsuura T, Nishio T, Kawashima M, Ogino T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog116)

Development of a specialized Monte Carlo solver for a proton therapy planning system

Konotop Y
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog117)

Monte Carlo modeling of a horizontal ophthalmologic proton beam line

Kostyuchenko V, Romanycheva M, Ryazantsev O, Khaibullin V, Samarin S, Uglov A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog118)

Treatment Planning for Ion-Beam Radiotherapy – TRiP98 Status and Developments

Kraemer M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog119)

Present Status of Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center Proton Facility and Perspective of the Fukui Prefectural Proton Therapy Center

Kume K, Fukuda S, Fukumoto S, Hasegawa T, Hatori S, Kurita T, Maruyama I, Yamamoto K, Yokohama N
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog120)

Investigation of a scintillating screen detector for ion therapy

Lahrmann S, Karger CP
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog121)

A model-based strategy to assess indications for proton radiotherapy

Langendijk J, Verheij M, Lambin P, Pijls-Johannesma M, Ubbels FR, Levendag PC, Marijnen CA, de Bock G
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog122)

Proton Radiation Therapy for Pediatric Chordoma of the Cranial Base

Liebsch NJ
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog123)

Influence of Bone Cement Injected into Vertebra on Proton Range in Radiation Treatment Planning

Lim YK, Shin D, Kim D, Yoon M, Lee SB, Park S, Ahn SH, Lee DH, Hwang YJ, Pyo HR, Kim TH, Moon SH
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog124)

A multilayer ionization chamber for proton beam Bragg peak curve measurements

Lin S, Pedroni E, Rejzek M, van Amstel J, Giordanengo S, Smit B, Voorneveld M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog125)

Comparative study of 12C6+ and x-ray on cell cycleprogression in the human tongue squamous cell carcinoma

Liu B, Hou WW, Wang YN, Wang M, Zhang H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog126)

Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) vs Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)in malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM): a dosimetric comparison

Lorentini S, Hamer P, Amichetti M, Spiazzi L, Tonoli S, Magrini S, Schwarz M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog127)

Intra-fractional proton beam range verification/correction based on a new dose delivery strategy and implantable dosimeters

Lu HM, Mann G, Cascio E
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog128)

On-line compensation of dose changes caused by intrafractional tumor motion

Lüchtenborg R, Saito N, Chaudhri N, Durante M, Rietzel E, Bert C
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog129)

Clinical calculations of physical and biological effective dose distributions in proton and carbon ion therapy using the FLUKA Monte Carlo code

Mairani A, Brons S, Cerutti F, Ferrari A, Parodi K, Scholz M, Sommerer F
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog130)

Proton Therapy of Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinus Tumors: The UFPTI Experience

Malyapa R, Yeung D, Mendenhall W, McKenzie C, Li Z, Mendenhall N
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog131)

Monte Carlo calculations of organ doses due to secondary neutrons during ophthalmologic proton therapy treatments

Martinetti F, Donadille L, Sabine D, De Oliveira A, Ribaux I, Robbes I, Hérault J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog132)

Performance of a flatpanel detector in scanned ion beams

Martišíková M, Hesse B, Nairz O, Jäkel O
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog133)

Realization of dose modulated proton plans with the 3 D Scanning system at the RPTC

Mayr M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog134)

Aperture Variability in Proton Beam Therapy for Prostate Cancer

McDonald M, Kuros-Zolnierczuk J, Zhao Q, Das I, Johnstone P
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog135)

Commissioning of the Gantry 2 scanning system at PSI

Meer D, Pedroni E, Bula C, Künzi R, Rejzek M, Zenklusen S
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog136)

The Design of a Multi-Layer Ionization Chamber for Proton Therapy

Mertens T, Marchand B, Friedl F, Breev V, Mathot G, Brusasco C, de Neuter S
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog137)

Treatment, development and conformity: a specific equation for Particle Therapy?

Meyroneinc S, Delacroix S
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog138)

Simulation system of positron emitter nuclei distribution in a patient body using target elemental activity pencil beam algorithm in proton therapy

Miyatake A, Nishio T, Tachikawa T, Yamada M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog139)

Construction Phase Considerations for Proton Facilities

Mollo-Christensen E, Cohen J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog140)

Design Challenges and Opportunities Unique to Proton Therapy Centers

Mollo-Christensen E, Cohen J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog141)

Intrafractional and Interfractional Range Variation in Charged Particle Therapy of Lung Cancer

Mori S, Dong L, Starkschall G, Mohan R, Cox JD, Chen T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog142)

Heavy ions and X-rays in brain tumor treatment: acomparison of their biological effects on tissue slice cultures

Müller M, Merz F, Durante M, Seifert V, Rieger J, Mittelbronn M, Harter P, Mishustin I, Pshenichnov I, Rödel F, Stöcker H, Schopow K, Dehghani F, Taucher-Scholz G, Bechmann I
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog143)

Combination of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and a carbon ion boost for subtotal resected or inoperable adenoid cystic carcinomas (ACC’s) of the head and neck region

Münter M, Umathum V, Nikoghosyan A, Jensen A, Hof H, Jaekel O, Debus J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog144)

Particle therapy for gastrointestinal tumors

Münter M, Jensen A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog145)

Clinical outcomes of proton beam therapy for early stage non-small cell lung cancer – a retrospective analysis of Shizuoka experiences

Murayama S, Fuji H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog146)

Current Status of Gunma University Heavy Ion Medical Center

Nakano T, Ohno T, Katoh H, Tamaki T, Yoshida Y, Yusa K, Tashiro M, Torikai K, Shimada H, Sakama M, Kanai T, Yamada S
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog147)

The Heidelberg Ion Therapy Centre – a technical overview

Naumann J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog148)

High Energy Neutron Measurements and Monitoring for a 230 MeV Proton Radiotherapy Facility

Nazaryan V, Keppel C
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog149)

Initial proton RBE measurements within the distal fall-off of a SOBP and the relevance to radiotherapy

Nazaryan V, Britten R, Keppel C, Klein SB, Nichiporov D, Wolanski M, Nie X, George J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog150)

Multi-Institutional Phase II Study of Proton Beam Therapy for Organ Confined Prostate Cancer in Japan, Focusing on the Incidence of Late Rectal Toxicities.

Nihei K, Onozawa M, Ogino T, Murayama S, Fuji H, Murakami M, Hishikawa Y
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog151)

The influence of the fragment particles from carbon beam on an OpenPET detector as in-beam PET for heavy ion therapy

Nishikido F, Yazaki Y, Osada H, Inadama N, Inaniwa T, Sato S, Yoshida E, Yamaya T, Murayama H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog152)

The beam ON-LINE PET system mounted on a rotating gantry port for proton therapy in National Cancer Center, Kashiwa

Nishio T, Miyatake A, Tachikawa T, Yamada M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog153)

Image Guided Particle Therapy - what can we learn from conventional RT?

Nyström H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog154)

Intrafractional and interfractional motions of the prostate during Carbon ion therapy: quantification by four-dimensional CT

Okada T, Tsuji H, Sugahara S, Suzuki M, Kumagai M, Mori S, Minohara S, Kamada T, Tsujii H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog155)

Wall and central electrode perturbation for ion chambers in proton beams

Palmans H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog156)

Cone-beam computed tomography and digital tomosynthesis using on-board x-ray projection system for an image-guided proton therapy

Park SY, Cho MK, Kim HK
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog157)

The application of Monte Carlo to ion beam therapy treatment planning

Parodi K, Brons S, Mairani A, Sommerer F
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog158)

CPO facility optimization: the beamline connection between two different installations

Patriarca A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog159)

The second generation scanning proton gantry at PSI

Pedroni E
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog160)

Improving ion gantries

Pullia M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog161)

Installation and preliminary testing of a newly designed patient setup and monitoring system for particle beam therapy

Riboldi M, Pella A, Tagaste B, Baroni G, Ciocca M, Rossi S, Orecchia R
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog162)

On the long way to laser particle therapy: Results of radiobiological experiments with laser accelerated electronsand future experiments with laser accelerated protons

Richter C, Beyreuther E, Enghardt W, Kaluza M, Karsch L, Laschinksy L, Lessmann E, Naumburger D, Nicolai M, Pawelke J, Sobiella M, Sauerbrey R, Schlenvoigt HP, Schürer M, Baumann M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog163)

In vitro evaluation of glioma cell migration after photon and carbon ion radiation therapy

Rieken S, Mohr A, Orschiedt L, Brons S, Nairz O, Winter M, Haberer T, Zipp L, Debus J, Combs S
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog164)

Investigations on novel imaging techniques for ion beam therapy

Rinaldi I, Brons S, Ferrari A, Jäkel O, Mairani A, Parodi K
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog165)

Proton Radiotherapy for Pediatric Ewing’s Sarcomas: Initial Clinical Outcome of 29 Patients

Rombi B, MacDonald SM, Marcus KJ, DeLaney T, Huang MS, Tarbell NJ, Yock TI
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog166)

New accelerator concepts for particle therapy

Roth M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog167)

Spot-scanning proton radiation therapy for extra-cranial chordoma

Rutz HP, Staab A, Timmermann B, Ares C, Lomax A, Goitein G, Hug E
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog168)

Secondary neutron dose during active scanning proton therapy

Safai S, Hohmann E, Mayer S, Morath O, Luescher R, Bula C, Zenklusen S, Pedroni E
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog169)

Improvement of carbon ion therapy technique with modeling the dose distribution in tail region

Saidi Bidokhti P, Sardari D
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog170)

Quality assurance of beam tracking

Saito N
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog171)

Advanced Measurements of Depth Dose Distributions for Mono-energetic Carbon Ion Beams

Sakama M, Kanai T, Yusa K, Tashiro M, Torikai K, Shimada H, Yamada S, Inaniwa T, Fukumura A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog172)

Evaluation of Absolute Doses in Spread-Out Bragg Peaks for Therapeutic Carbon Ion Beams

Sakama M, Kanai T, Fukumura A, Kase Y
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog173)

Digital X-ray tool “idias” for the treatment of the ocular pathologies with proton beam

Salamone V, Luigi R, Nicotra P, Privitera G, Spatola C, Cirrone GP, Ott J, Reibaldi A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog174)

POROS: POsitioningRobotic for Oncology Systems

Samuel P, Ferrand R
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog175)

Towards a water calorimetry-based standard for active scanning proton dosimetry

Sarfehnia A, Clasie B, Chung E, Lu H, Flanz J, McCormack J, Cascio E, Paganetti H, Seuntjes J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog176)

Proton radiotherapy in the Management of extended conjunctival malignancies

Sauerwein W, Wittig A, Westekemper H, Herault J, Mammar H, Brualla L, Steuhl KP, Bornfeld N
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog177)

Modifying proton fluence spectra to generate spread-out Bragg peaks with laser accelerated proton beams

Schell S, Wilkens JJ
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog178)

Technical Commissioning – A Cost Driver in Particle Therapy

Schmidt S, Heese J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog179)

An evaluation of the reproducibility of CBCT images and the feasibility of using CBCT images for adaptive cranial proton radiation therapy

Schreuder N, Kapur A, Hsi W, Li Z, Zeidan O
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog180)

Hybrid optoelectronic scintillating fibers for proton imaging

Seco J, Danto S, Depauw N, Fink Y
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog181)

An X-Ray and Computed Tomography based Registration Method for Patient to Beam Alignment designed for high Reliability despite of degraded X-Ray Image Quality

Selby BP, Walter S, Sakas G, Groch WD, Stilla U
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog182)

Intensity Modulated Spread Out Bragg Peak in a Uniform Scanning Proton Nozzle Using Novel Applications of Forward Planning

Shahnazi K, Allgower C, Anferov V, Wolanski M, Thornton A, Fitzek M, Chang A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog183)

Development of Si/CdTe Compton Camera for Medical Imaging

Shimada H, Yamaguchi M, Kawachi N, Torikai K, Watanabe S, Aono H, Odaka H, Ishikawa S, Takeda S, Watanabe S, Yoshida Y, Suzuki Y, Takahashi T, Arakawa K, Nakano T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog184)

The Development of Eye tracking and Gating System for the Proton Therapy

Shin D, Joung H, Ahn S, Whang U, Rha J, Yoon M, Lee S, Park S
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog185)

Verification of Patient Positioning in Proton Therapy based on Digital X-ray Images

Shipulin K
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog186)

Comparison of treatment planning of NSCLC with photon radiosurgery and particle radiotherapy using different lung fixation techniques

Siebler M, Jelen U, Ammazzalorso F, Vogel B, Rose F, Engenhart-Cabillic R
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog187)

Comparison of dose volume histograms of normal structures between proton and conventional photon irradiation with adaptive radiotherapy in Stage IV head and neck cancer

Simone II C, Ondos J, Ning H, Ly D, Gates H, Kramer K, Belard A, Camphausen K, Miller R, Simone N
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog188)

Comparison of predicted excess secondary malignancies and normal tissue toxicities between proton and photon irradiation in the treatment of stage I seminoma

Simone II C, Kramer K, O'Meara W, Belard A, McDonough J, O'Connell J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog189)

4D Lung IMPT Planning and Evaluation on Multiple Deformable Geometries

Söhn M, Soukup M, Alber M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog190)

Decreasing the PTV margins in IMPT using Monte Carlo with incorporated random setup errors

Soukup M, Alber M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog191)

Extra-Cranial Chordoma treated with Spot-Scanning Proton Radiation Therapy: possible correlation between surgical stabilization, quality of DVH's and clinical outcome

Staab A, Rutz HP, Lomax A, Timmermann B, Schneider R, Ares C, Algranati C, Goitein G, Hug E
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog192)

Effectiveness of protons in human prostate cell lines: the genetic background possibly determines the RBE in the Spread-out-bragg-peak compared to Plateau region

Staab A, Frenzel N, Coray A, Lomax A, Schneider R, Pruschy M, Hug E
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog193)

Spot-Scanning Proton Radiation Therapy for Extra-Cranial Chondrosarcoma

Staab A, Rutz HP, Goitein G, Timmermann B, Ares C, Schneider R, Lomax T, Hug E
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog194)

Assessment of relative merits of proton and carbon ion beam therapy

Suit H, Clasie B, DeLaney T, Flanz J, Gerweck L, Goldberg S, Kooy H, Niemierko A, Paganetti H, Trofimov A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog195)

The Gantry for the Heavy Ion Cancer Therapy Facility in Heidelberg, Design and Construction

Sust E
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog196)

Prognostic Impact of Mitotic Index Of Proliferating Cell Populations (pMI) in Cervical Cancer Patients Treated with Carbon Ion Beam

Suzuki Y, Oka K, Ohno T, Kato S, Tsujii H, Nakano T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog197)

Multi-purpose nozzle for pencil beam scanning and wobbling

Tachikawa T, Ochi T, Asaba T, Yamada M, Nishio T, Ogino T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog198)

Application of a bi-material range compensator to a RTOG phantom for proton therapy

Takada Y, Hotta K, Hara Y, Akasaka H, Kimura T, Tansho R, Nihei T, Himukai T, Kanai T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog199)

Comparison of the Effect of Gamma-Ray and Carbon-Ion Radiotherapy on Metastasis in an In Vivo Murine Model

Tamaki T, Iwakawa M, Ohno T, Imadome K, Nakawatari M, Sakai M, Imai T, Nakano T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog200)

Prototype of real-time tumor-tracking system without implanted fiducial marker for proton therapy

Terunuma T, Sakae T, Ishida M, Sato M, Yasuoka K, Kumada H, Okumura T, Tsuboi K, Sakurai H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog201)

Target influence on realtime monitoring of the Bragg peak position in ion beam therapy by means ofsingle photon detection

Testa E, Bajard M, Chevallier M, Dauvergne D, Freud N, Henriquet P, Le Foulher F, Létang JM, Ray C, Testa M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog202)

Endorectal Coil MRI Utilization for Prostate Proton Irradiation

Thornton A, Fitzek M, Chang A, Simmons J, Aisen A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog203)

Conserving absorbed energy during accumulation of dose from a 4D geometry

Tilly D, Sjöberg C, Tilly N, Traneus E, Ahnesjö A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog204)

Malignant Induction Probability (MIP) Maps for X-ray and Particle Beams

Timlin C, Houston M, Jones B, Hill M, Peach K, Trevethan A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog205)

Improving proton therapy accessibility through seamless electronic integration of remote treatment planning sites

Tinnel B, Belard A, McDonough J, O'Connell J, Tochner ZA, Ferro R
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog206)

Risk Assessment of Ionizing Radiation in Cardiac Imaging: Estimated Radiation Dose

Torrens F, Castellano G
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog207)

Image-guided particle therapy: Correction strategies for intrafractional motion

Trofimov A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog208)

Interfractional variations in the set-up of pelvic bony anatomy and soft tissue, and their implication in proton therapy of the prostate

Trofimov A, Mauceri S, Nguyen P, Lu HM, Engelsman M, Efstathiou J, Merrick S, Cheng CW, Wong J, Zietman A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog209)

Proton radiosurgery of intracranial arteriovenous malformations: Dubna experience

Tseytlina M, Luchin YI, Agapov AV, Gaevsky VN, Gulidov IA, Molokanov AG, Mytsin G, Shipulin K, Shvidkij SV
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog210)

Hyperfractionated concomitant boost proton radiotherapy for supratentorial glioblastoma multiforme

Tsuboi K, Mizumoto M, Tsurubuchi T, Yamamoto T, Okumura T, Sakurai H, Sakae T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog211)

Determination of nuclear cross sections by the collective model and generalized nuclear shell theory

Ulmer W
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog212)

Deconvolution of combinations of Gaussian kernels and applications to proton dosimetry and image processing

Ulmer W
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog213)

Sparing the salivary glands with scanned protons in head and neck radiotherapy: Benefits of 6-field Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) as compared to 3-field IMPT

van de Water T, Lomax T, Bijl HP, Schilstra C, Hug E, Langendijk JA
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog214)

Using tissue damage scores in a novel model for the prediction ofradiation-induced pulmonary complications

van Luijk P, Muijs CT, Faber H, Schippers JM, Brandenburg S, Langendijk JA, Coppes RP
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog215)

Tissue equivalence of some phantom materials for proton beams

Vasiliev V, Kostyuchenko V, Riazantsev O, Khaibullin V, Samarin S, Uglov A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog216)

Cyclone C230 performance improvements

Verbruggen P, Abs M, de Neuter S, Jongen Y
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog217)

OPTIS2: a new treatment facility at PSI 25 years after introducing ocular proton therapy in Europe – project challenges and comparison with OPTIS

Verwey J, Heufelder J, Assenmacher F, van Goethem MJ, Tourovsky A, Grossmann M, Lomax A, Goitein G, Jermann M, Zografos L, Hug E
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog218)

Protontherapy as an incentive for a national collaborative center. The SWAN approach

von Bremen K, Aebersold DM, Braccini S
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog219)

Proton Radiation Therapy for Unresectable Sinonasal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Wang JJ, Adams JA, Liebsch NJ, McIntyre JF, Clark JR, Chan A
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog220)

Device for immobilization

Weber U, Grübling P, Rösch W
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog221)

Proposal for a specific proton therapy facility for the treatment of ocular tumors

Weber A, Heufelder J, Denker A, Moser L, Foerster MH
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog222)

Advanced Patient Positioning Strategies for Particle Therapy

Wikler D, Dahlin H, Walter S, Selby BP, Farr J, Stuschke M
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog223)

Laser-accelerated particle beams for radiation therapy

Wilkens JJ
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog224)

Dosimetric characteristics of the OneDose MOSFET decector for in-vivo dosimetry in proton beam therapy (PBT)

Wolanski M, Cheng CW, Gautam A, Das I
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog225)

Effects of low dose heavy ion beams pre-irradiation on DNA damage and cell cycle progression in mice liver

Wu Z, Zhao W, Zhang H, Liu B, Xie Y, Hao J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog226)

Alterations of immune functionsinduced by 12C6+ions irradiation in mice

Xie Y, Zhang H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog227)

Carbon-ion therapy for patients with pancreas cancer

Yamada S, Shinoto M, Imada H, Yasuda S, Kamada T, Tsujii H
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog228)

A Peer Review System (PRS) for Prospective Registry, Peer Review, Quality Assurance and Clinical Outcome Studies in Proton Therapy

Yeung D, Frouhar V, Palta J
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog229)

Radiation-induced Cancers from Modern Radiotherapy Techniques: 3D CRT vs. Tomotherapy vs. Proton Therapy

Yoon M, Shin DH, Kim JS, Kim JW, Kim DW, Lee SB, Park SY
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog230)

The Effectiveness of Combining Temozolomide with Carbon Ion Radiotherapy for Glioblastomas: In vitro and In vivo study

Yoshida Y, Ishiuchi S, Katoh H, Kiyohara H, Suzuki Y, Katoh S, Ohno T, Nakano T
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog231)

Prediction of radiochromic film response for hadrontherapy dosimetry with Monte Carlo simulation in homogeneous and hetergeneous media

Zahra N, Frisson T, Sarrut D, Lautesse P
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog232)

What we know about a compact proton therapy unit – a Monte Carlo study

Zheng Y, Klein E, Low D
Meeting Abstract (09ptcog233)

In vitro evaluation of radiochemotherapy using carbon ions in glioblastoma cell lines

Zipp L, Rieken S, Brons S, Winter M, Haberer T, Weber KJ, Combs S