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Physical activity and successful aging
10th International EGREPA Conference

European Group for Research into Elderly and Physical Activity

14.09. - 16.09.2006 in Köln

Postersession: Fall prevention, balance & mobility

Meeting Abstract (06pasa097)

Balance and mobility: do self-assessment explain their performance and predict future falls?

Bergland A, Jarnlo GB, Bruun T
Meeting Abstract (06pasa098)

Effects of whole body vibration training on postural control in older individuals

Bogaerts A, Verschueren S, Delecluse C, Claessens AL, Boonen S
Meeting Abstract (06pasa099)

Activity as a protecting factor for falls?

Engelhard K, Kleinert J, Bock O
Meeting Abstract (06pasa100)

Relationship between functional capacity and gait parameters in Parkinson’s disease patients

Bucken Gobbi LT, Stella F, Gobbi S, Pieruccini-Faria F, Duarte Caetano MJ, Simoes CSA
Meeting Abstract (06pasa101)

Prevention of falls and fall-related injuries in residential care facilities: contribution to safety, independence and mobility in the elderly

Icks A, Schindler-Marlow S, Schüller S
Meeting Abstract (06pasa102)

Cognitive function and gait capacity in the acute stroke patient, is there an association?

Langhammer B, Lindmark B, Stanghelle JK
Meeting Abstract (06pasa103)

Low cost strength training program improves balance in institutionalized elders

Ribeiro F, Brochado G
Meeting Abstract (06pasa104)

Balance and co-ordination training vs. nordic walking - preventive effects and fall prevention for seniors?

Wollesen B, Nagel V, Schröder J