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Physical activity and successful aging
10th International EGREPA Conference

European Group for Research into Elderly and Physical Activity

14.09. - 16.09.2006 in Köln

Invited symposia & thematic sessions
Physical Activity and the Sensory System

Meeting Abstract (06pasa014)

When does motor aging start? – Insights from lifespan studies

Voelcker-Rehage C
Meeting Abstract (06pasa015)

Aspects of sensory motor capability in elderly

Völker K, Thorwesten L
Meeting Abstract (06pasa016)

An Emerging Area of Elderly-Research: Functional Integration of Action instead of Central Competition of Resources?

Lippens V, Nagel V
Meeting Abstract (06pasa017)

Reaction time with respect to sex and nature of stimulus

Biswas A, Debnath S
Meeting Abstract (06pasa018)

Detection and anticipation of multiple dynamic objects - special problems for elderly?

Effenberg AO, Dierke B