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Physical activity and successful aging
10th International EGREPA Conference

European Group for Research into Elderly and Physical Activity

14.09. - 16.09.2006 in Köln

Invited symposia & thematic sessions
Exercise physiology and training

Meeting Abstract (06pasa052)

Skeletal muscle mitochondrial munction and aging - a preliminary study

Figueiredo P, Ferreira RM, Appell HJ, Duarte JA
Meeting Abstract (06pasa053)

Changes in thrombus resistance following physical activity in subjects 65 years old and over

Traila H, Ciucurel C, Traila A, Sfredel V
Meeting Abstract (06pasa054)

Functional tasks exercise to improve daily function in older women

de Vreede P, Samson M, van Meeteren N, Verhaar H
Meeting Abstract (06pasa055)

IGF-I and FGF-2 responses to Wingate anaerobic test in older men

Amir R, Sagiv M, Ben-Sira D, Sagiv M
Meeting Abstract (06pasa056)

The effectiveness of a home-based exercise for older Portuguese people

Melo C, Trew M, Raija K