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Fourth International Symposium and Workshops: Objective Measures in Cochlear Implants

Medical University of Hannover

01.06. bis 04.06.2005, Hannover

Late Potentials/Event-Related Potentials

Meeting Abstract (05omci041)

Insights and hurdles in the recording and interpretation of auditory event-related potentials in cochlear implant recipients

Henkin Y
Meeting Abstract (05omci042)

Cortical responses in CI recipients

Burdo S, Carlini L, Razza S, Alumno MB, Gaggi R
Meeting Abstract (05omci043)

Is it possible to optimise program parameters using objective measures such as NRI and eSRT?

Caner G, Arnold L, Olgun L
Meeting Abstract (05omci044)

Postoperative electrical stapedius reflex

Stephan K, Koci V, Welzl-Müller K
Meeting Abstract (05omci045)

Determination of intra-operative ESRT while stimulating with a speech burst and its predictive value for post-operative fitting

Brendel M, Büchner A, Frohne-Büchner C, Stöver T, Schwab B, Battmer RD, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05omci046)

Measurement of electrically evoked stapedial reflexes with variable stimulation rate

Kortmann T, Müller-Deile J, Morsnowski A
Meeting Abstract (05omci047)

Paediatric results of correlation between neural response imaging (NRI) and most comfortable levels

Sennaroglu G, Budak B, Yücel E, Dincer H, Belgin E
Meeting Abstract (05omci048)

Artefact reduction in Neural Response Imaging via a modified stimulation signal

Frohne-Büchner C, Brendel M, Büchner A, Litvak L, Emadi G, Alabashyan H, Battmer RD, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05omci049)

Programming of Infants and Young Children Using A Behaviorally–Based Method and Two NRT–Based Methods

Kaplan-Neeman R, Henkin Y, Yakir Z, Bloch F, Taitelbaum-Swead R, Berlin M, Kronenberg J, Muchnik C, Hildesheimer M
Meeting Abstract (05omci050)

Clinical application of the P300 event-related potential as a predictor for speech performance?

Beynon A, Snik AFM