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Fourth International Symposium and Workshops: Objective Measures in Cochlear Implants

Medical University of Hannover

01.06. bis 04.06.2005, Hannover

Postoperative Measures/Objective Fitting of Speech Processors I

Meeting Abstract (05omci021)

Neural Response Telemetry, the "ART" of NRI - Electrically Evoked Compound Action Potentials

Müller-Deile J
Meeting Abstract (05omci022)

Effects of Adaptation on the Electrically Evoked Compound Action Potential

Brown CJ, Schmidt-Clay K, Hay-McCutcheon M, Etler C, Abbas P
Meeting Abstract (05omci023)

Spread of Excitation - a method of assessment of auditory function with cochlear implant users

Walkowiak A, Czyzewski A, Lorens A, Wasowski A, Skarzynski H
Meeting Abstract (05omci024)

Clinical Application of NRT Spread of Excitation (SOE)

Burdo S, Razza S, Caponio M
Meeting Abstract (05omci025)

Objective classification of responses obtained with Neural Response Imaging

Litvak L, Emadi G, Boyle P
Meeting Abstract (05omci026)

Recording the Neural Response while stimulating with a high rate burst

Büchner A, Frohne-Büchner C, Brendel M, Pilsak S, Battmer RD, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05omci027)

An Evaluation of Two Different eCAP Measures of Spatial Selectivity

Briaire J, van der Beek FB, Frijns JHM
Meeting Abstract (05omci028)

Preliminary Results with Banded Neural Response Imaging (NRI)

Arnold L, Boyle P
Meeting Abstract (05omci029)

Intraoperative and Postoperative Auditory Response Telemetry with the Med-El PULSARci100

Brill S, Müller J, Ressel L, Spitzer P, Schösser HJ, Zierhofer C, Helms J
Meeting Abstract (05omci030)

Advanced telemetry capabilities of the PULSARci100 cochlear implant

Schößer H, Veekmans K, Spitzer P, Zierhofer CM