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Fourth International Symposium and Workshops: Objective Measures in Cochlear Implants

Medical University of Hannover

01.06. bis 04.06.2005, Hannover

Intraoperative Measures/Device Testing

Meeting Abstract (05omci011)

Intraoperative Neural Response and Clinical Implications

Ramos A
Meeting Abstract (05omci012)

The Evolution of Neural Response Telemetry

Patrick JF, von Wallenberg E
Meeting Abstract (05omci013)

Enhanced NRT research using the Nucleus® Electro-Physiology Software: CustomSound-EP™

Killian M, Cafarelli Dees D, von Wallenberg E
Meeting Abstract (05omci014)

Correlation of NRT™ recovery function parameters and speech perception results for different stimulation rates

Battmer RD, Lai WK, Dillier N, Pesch J, Killian MJ, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05omci015)

Objective Measurements with Nucleus System 4

Wesarg T, Stecker M, Aschendorff A, Klenzner T, Laszig R
Meeting Abstract (05omci016)

Measurements of neural adaptation in subjects with cochlear implants

Dillier N, Kong Lai W, Killian M
Meeting Abstract (05omci017)

NRT Double Peaks revisited

Lai W, Dillier N
Meeting Abstract (05omci018)

Streamline fitting of speech processors using automatically recorded ECAPs

Morsnowski A, Müller-Deile J, Hey M, Begall K, Wesarg T, Laszig R, Killian M, Zarowski A, Offeciers E, Ambrosch P
Meeting Abstract (05omci019)

ECAP Measurements with the new Nucleus CI24RE Implant and the CustomSoundEP Software: Comparison of automatically and manually obtained results

Gärtner L, Pesch J, Büchner A, Battmer RD, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05omci020)

The longitudinal spread of the effective stimulation field (ESF) in the implanted human cochlea, from ECAP and finite element analysis

Cohen L, Richardson L, Cowan R