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54. Jahrestagung der Norddeutschen Orthopädenvereinigung e. V.

Norddeutsche Orthopädenvereinigung

16.06. bis 18.06.2005, Hamburg


Meeting Abstract (05novP01)

Kosten-Nutzen Analyse der peripheren Nervenblockade nach Knie TEP Implantation vs. oraler Analgesie in der frührehabilitativen Phase

Potrett O, Süssenbach F, Niederstrasser D
Meeting Abstract (05novP02)

Quality of care in orthopedic rehabilitation facing the shortening of stay

Wilde J, Sand P, Dufek P
Meeting Abstract (05novP03)

What is the association between the menstrual cycle and ACL laxity and muscular stiffness in adolescent athletes?

Eiling E, Bryant A, Murphy A, Petersen W, Hohmann E
Meeting Abstract (05novP04)

Der gestielte Gastrocnemiustransfer

Jokuszies A, Lahoda L-U, Vogt PM
Meeting Abstract (05novP05)

Afferent input from the knee projects to areas of the primary somatosensory cortex (SI)

Hauck M, Hille E, Lorenz J, Quante M
Meeting Abstract (05novP06)

Burden of muscoskeletal conditions in Germany in the Bone and Joint Decade

Dreinhöfer K, Merx H, Puhl W
Meeting Abstract (05novP07)

Operative treatment of complex knee instabilities

Richter J, Jehmlich S, Frascaria R
Meeting Abstract (05novP08)

A new bipolar blood sealing system vs. a conventional regimen for total knee arthroplasty – results of a prospective matched-pair study

Pfeiffer M, Bräutigam H, Draws D, Sigg A
Meeting Abstract (05novP09)

Trauma-related patella luxation - arthroscopic-supported medial retinaculum suture

Kanevski M, Meyer O, Godolias G
Meeting Abstract (05novP10)

In-vivo stability following high tibal osteotomy

Pape D, Steimer O, Kohn D
Meeting Abstract (05novP11)

A modular implant system in total knee revision surgery

Westphal K, Wurm K
Meeting Abstract (05novP12)

Range of complications in vertebroplasty

Stütz A, Pennekamp P, v. Engelhardt L, Diedrich O, Schmitt O, Kraft CN
Meeting Abstract (05novP13)

Laser-evoked potentials

Quante M, Hauck M, Lorenz J, Hille E
Meeting Abstract (05novP14)

Minimally invasive therapy for functional unstable osteoporotic vertebral fractures by means of baloon-kyphoplasty

Lienert A, Ruetten S, Godolias G
Meeting Abstract (05novP15)

Decompression and instrumented fusion for lumbal stenosis and degenerative spondylolisthesis

Klages G, Manthei G, Koch U, Pinnow J
Meeting Abstract (05novP16)

Conservative treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis with epidural catheter therapy

Schilling J, Storm D, Hille E
Meeting Abstract (05novP17)

The ENDO-Concept of the One Stage Exchange Procedure for Periprosthetic Infection

Wodtke J, Frommelt L, Löhr F-J
Meeting Abstract (05novP18)

Autologous bone marrow-derived cells improve muscle healing after crush injury in rats

Winkler T, Matziolis G, Schaser K, Perka C, Duda G
Meeting Abstract (05novP19)

Results of different methods of patellar dorsal resurfacing during knee endoprosthetics

Meyer O, Godolias G
Meeting Abstract (05novP20)

Posttraumatic collateral instability and total knee arthroplasty: revision and repair

Ohnsorge J, Laskin R
Meeting Abstract (05novP21)

Multimodal intraoperative monitoring in thoraco-lumbar spine surgery

Sutter M, Benini A, Grob D, Porchet F, Müller A, Dvorak J
Meeting Abstract (05novP22)

Clinical results of operative therapy of symptomatic lumbar spinal stenosis

König F, Ernstberger T, Feldmann J, Thielke-Neitzel K
Meeting Abstract (05novP23)

Validation of fluoroscopically controlled lumbar facet joint injection using oblique needle technique in degenerative lumbar spine syndrome.

Schütz U, Richter M, Dreinhöfer KE, Puhl W, Koepp H
Meeting Abstract (05novP24)

Biomechanical comparison of radiolucent peek cervical spine interbody fusion cages

Schleicher P, Pflugmacher R, Scholz M, Eindorf T, Kandziora F, Haas N
Meeting Abstract (05novP25)

Fullendoscopic operations of lumbar disc herniations

Komp M, Ruetten S, Godolias G
Meeting Abstract (05novP26)

Antimicrobial peptides in bone-expression and regulation of HBD-3

Varoga D, Grohmann S, Pufe T, Paulsen F, Schütz R, Oestern S, Hassenpflug J
Meeting Abstract (05novP27)

The impact of chemical synovectomy with sodium morrhuate on human chondrocytes

Winkler S, Wiech O, Hofbauer R, Grässel S, Ahmed N, Handel M, Schlitt H, Grifka J, Schaumburger J
Meeting Abstract (05novP28)

MID-term results of bioabsorbable interbody cages in a sheep cervial spine fusion model

Pflugmacher R, Schleicher P, Scholz P, Kandziora F, Haas N
Meeting Abstract (05novP29)

Effects of hospital and surgeon procedure volume on outcome in total knee replacement

Koy T, König DP, Eysel P
Meeting Abstract (05novP30)

Fixation methods for BTB-grafts used in ACL reconstruction

Carrero V, Betthäuser A, Morlock M, Hille E, Honl M
Meeting Abstract (05novP31)

Safety and efficacy of orthokine conditioned autologous serum (ACS) injections in knee osteoarthritis

Baltzer A, Moser C, Krauspe R
Meeting Abstract (05novP32)

One-year-results following Matrix-assisted Autologous Chondrocyte Transplantation (MACT)

Fritz J, Schewe B, Albrecht D, Gaissmaier C, Weise K
Meeting Abstract (05novP33)

Anterior femoral stapling of fixed flexion deformities of the knee

Yarar S, Babin K, Stücker R