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54. Jahrestagung der Norddeutschen Orthopädenvereinigung e. V.

Norddeutsche Orthopädenvereinigung

16.06. bis 18.06.2005, Hamburg

Vorträge Wirbelsäule

Meeting Abstract (05novW1.04)

Total nucleus replacement (TNR), with an injectable, in-situ curable arthroplasty system

Ahrens M, Sherman J, Yuan H, Halm H
Meeting Abstract (05novW1.05)

Lumbar discectomy, fusion or arthroplasty? Algorithm for decision making in DDD

Fritsch E, Gödde S
Meeting Abstract (05novW1.06)

Cervical disc replacement with ProDisc® C

Grochulla F, Mehren C, Korge A, Mayer H
Meeting Abstract (05novW1.07)

2 year experiences with the Bryan Cervical Disc Prosthesis

Fekete Z, Nagel S, Ahrens M, Zielke A, Halm H
Meeting Abstract (05novW1.08)

Cervical disc prosthesis: the effect of rigorous indication on clinical outcome

Fritzsche E, Suchomel P, Papavero L
Meeting Abstract (05novW1.09)

Curvature and range of motion before and after total cervical disc replacement

Mehren C, Grochulla F, Korge A, Mayer H
Meeting Abstract (05novW1.10)

Effectiveness of a less invasive approach technique in comparison to the microsurgical technique in operative treatment of lumbar disc herniation

Franke J, Boehm H, Grasshoff H, Greiner-Perth R
Meeting Abstract (05novW1.11)

Sagittal profile of the lumbar spine after total disc replacement

Wiechert K, Siepe C, Korge A, Mayer H
Meeting Abstract (05novW1.12)

Open versus percutaneous atlantoaxial stabilization

Schmidt R, Puhl W, Cakir B
Meeting Abstract (05novW2.03)

ALIF versus PLIF: a Roentgen Stereometric Analysis (RSA) of spinal arthrodesis

Jung J, Pape D, Fritsch EW
Meeting Abstract (05novW2.04)

Corrective femoral and tibial osteotomy by interlocking nail

Kreusch-Brinker R
Meeting Abstract (05novW2.05)

Intraoperative segmental measurement of lumbar spine motion

Delank KS, Gercek E, Buerfeind A, Eysel P
Meeting Abstract (05novW2.06)

The unilateral approach for decompression of bilateral lumbar stenosis

Fritzsche E, Thiel M, Helfrich S, Papavero L
Meeting Abstract (05novW2.07)

Lumbar spinal stenosis in degenerative scoliosis

Vahldiek M, Hackbart M
Meeting Abstract (05novW2.08)

Decompression of degenerative lateral spinal stenosis in a full-endoscopic transforaminal and interlaminar technique using new endoscopes and instruments

Ruetten S, Komp M, Godolias G
Meeting Abstract (05novW2.09)

Clinical results after microsurgical bilateral decompression of lumbar spinal stenosis in 'over-the-top' technique through a unilateral approach

Siepe C, Korge A, Wiechert K, Mayer M
Meeting Abstract (05novW2.11)

Lumbar spinal stenosis: operative treatment and outcome in 60 patients

Gatzka C, Schilling J, Dierck O, Hille E
Meeting Abstract (05novW3.04)

Segmental spine stability after pedicle screw loosening

Diedrich O, Kraft CN, Lühring C, Perlick L, Pennekamp P
Meeting Abstract (05novW3.05)

Relevance of single shot peridural anesthesia (SSPDA) in patients with spinal stenosis

König DP, Knupper N, Fürstenberg H, Desai B, Eysel P
Meeting Abstract (05novW4.02)

Influence of cage geometry on sagittal alignment in polysegmental instrumented PLIF

Gödde S, Fritsch EW, Kohn D
Meeting Abstract (05novW4.03)

The dorsal transarticular spondylodesis C1/C2 (Magerl's procedure)

Neumann J, Löhr J, Grob D
Meeting Abstract (05novW4.04)

The management of severe spinal deformities with vertical expandable prosthetic titanium ribs (VEPTR)

Ridderbusch K, Stücker R
Meeting Abstract (05novW4.05)

CT-navigated cryosurgery of the spine

Popken F, Kuhn S, Fürderer S, Desai B, Eysel P