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10th Munich Vascular Conference

01.-03.12.2021, online

Short communications on aortic diseases and miscallenous issues

Meeting Abstract (07)

Managing abdominal aortic aneurysm, Open surgery versus EVAR, a retrospective comparative study

Rizk M
Meeting Abstract (08)

Stroke, spinal cord ischemia in patients undergoing TEVAR with coverage of left subclavian artery

Rizk M, Ismail M
Meeting Abstract (09)

Geometric and biomechanical progression in abdominal aortic aneurysms over time

Siika A, Bogdanovic M, Lindquist Liljeqvist M, Hultgren R, Gasser C, Roy J
Meeting Abstract (10)

Endograft type is a risk factor for limb graft occlusion in patients treated with EVAR

Bogdanovic M, Huss M, Stackelberg O, Lindström D, Ersryd S, Andersson M, Roos H, Siika A, Jonsson M, Roy J
Meeting Abstract (11)

Kidney autotransplantation with ex vivo repair of segmental renal artery aneurysms

Ihor K, Yulia M, Taras K
Meeting Abstract (12)

Carotid body tumor in patient with untreated tetralogy Fallot

Pazur V, Grgic M
Meeting Abstract (13)

The Secondary Patency After Patch Venoplasty vs. Balloon Venoplasty in Management of Neointimal Hyperplasia of the Venous Anastomosis of Thrombosed Arterio-Venous Grafts for Hemodialysis

Magdy Y, Abdelazim T, Salem A, Ismail M