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4th InVeST – International Veterinary Simulation in Teaching Conference

14.09. - 16.09.2015, Hannover

Topic: Skills + Simulation 3

Meeting Abstract (15invest34)

Development of a low cost cow dystocia model

Annandale A, Kok L, Scheepers E
Meeting Abstract (15invest35)

Construction and implementation of a bovine obstetrical model as an interactive teaching method for veterinary students

Schüller L, Heuwieser W, Fischer-Tenhagen C
Meeting Abstract (15invest36)

Validation of a bovine vascular access model for teaching students a technique for placing catheter in the auricular vein of cattle

Giese H, Hilke J, Gundelach Y, Dilly M
Meeting Abstract (15invest37)

A sheath scrape model attached to a multifunctional life size Breeding Soundness Examination (BSE) bull

Annandale A, Kok L, Scheepers E
Meeting Abstract (15invest38)

Can virtual reality enhance academic success while learning about the canine stifle joint?

Motta T, Pogue J, Margulieux K, Dyce J
Meeting Abstract (15invest39)

A new approach in anatomical teaching – Upgrading the conventional practical learning by immediate combination with modern digital teaching

Wölfel I, Zandt E, Brühschwein A, Meyer-Lindenberg A, Poulsen Nautrup C
Meeting Abstract (15invest40)

Virtual 3D veterinary anatomy: Interactive learning modules

Schrock P, Staszyk C
Meeting Abstract (15invest41)

Student’s perception about harmful use of animals in Veterinary Education in Brazil

Gebara R, Matera J
Meeting Abstract (15invest42)

Meeting point of animal welfare and veterinary education or else. The difficulties of the clinician in the ocean of students and animals

Thuróczy J, Müller L, Kollár E, Kecskeméthy S, Császár N, Cseh S