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4th InVeST – International Veterinary Simulation in Teaching Conference

14.09. - 16.09.2015, Hannover

Topic: Skills + Simulation 1

Meeting Abstract (15invest01)

A synthetic abdominal model for teaching basic veterinary surgical techniques

Bradley C, Edwards G, Carlson A
Meeting Abstract (15invest02)

Comparison of teaching small intestinal anastomosis suturing techniques using simulated small intestine versus cadaveric small intestine to second year veterinary students

Caston SS, Schleining JA, Danielson JA, Reinertson EL, Kersh KD
Meeting Abstract (15invest03)

Development and validation of a low-cost surgical simulator to teach canine ovariohysterectomy

Motta T, Carter B, Silveira C, Hill L, McLoughlin M
Meeting Abstract (15invest04)

Development and evaluation of a novel feline endotracheal intubation model

Motta T, Meola E, Silveira C, McLoughlin M, Hill L
Meeting Abstract (15invest05)

Development of a dog simulator for ultrasonic based puncture of the urinary bladder

Engelskirchen S, Rosenthal J, Hungerbuehler S, Dilly M
Meeting Abstract (15invest06)

Simulators in 1st year veterinary student clinical skills course

Frank-Cannon T
Meeting Abstract (15invest07)

Validation of a multipurpose reusable dog manikin for teaching basic diagnostic techniques

Anderson L, Whittemore J
Meeting Abstract (15invest08)

Validation of a simulator for the supplementary teaching of farriery skills to veterinary students

Sharples J, Weller R, Day P
Meeting Abstract (15invest09)

Development and validation of a multi-purpose equine neck model

Williamson J, Dascanio J, Christmann U, Johnson J, Rohleder B, Titus L
Meeting Abstract (15invest10)

Development of a low fidelity swine model to teach students restraint, blood sampling and giving injections

Sommer C, Weber L, Beffort L, Weiß C, Beitz-Radzio C, Ramspott S, Übel N
Meeting Abstract (15invest11)

The use of a life-size simulator to teach venipuncture in the alpaca

Schleining JA, Danielson JA