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80. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e. V.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e. V.

20.05. - 24.05.2009, Rostock

Middle Ear

Meeting Abstract (09hno043)

Health-related quality of life in patients with chronic otitis media

Baumann I, Kurpiers B, Skevas T, Sertel S, Plinkert PK, Praetorius M
Meeting Abstract (09hno044)

Computed tomography techniques for the measurement of stapes prostheses

Bozzato A, Struffert T, Iro H, Hertel V, Hornung J
Meeting Abstract (09hno045)

Effects of pressure load during train ride after stapedotomy – case study

Eiber A, Lauxmann M, Schimanski G
Meeting Abstract (09hno046)

On the Heating Process of Shape Memory Alloy Prostheses

Eiber A, Huber A, Lauxmann M
Meeting Abstract (09hno047)

The use of animals anatomy in ENT-education

Gurr A, Minovi A, Dazert S
Meeting Abstract (09hno048)

Laser ablation of the epipharyngeal tube orifice – follow-up in a pressure chamber

Jumah MD, Prilipp E, Schlachta M, Sedlmaier B
Meeting Abstract (09hno049)

Mixed hearing loss after explosion trauma – rehabilitation of hearing with Vibrant Soundbridge by coupling the FMT to the oval window via cartilage-perichondrium flap

Marsian F, Fräßdorf S, Zehlicke T, Pau HW
Meeting Abstract (09hno050)

Long-term Survey of Titanium Tympanoplasty Prostheses

Schimanski G, Schimanski E
Meeting Abstract (09hno051)

Surgical intervention in a case of an otosclerosis and anatomical alterations in terms of an extremely high jugular bulb

Siewert K, Begall K
Meeting Abstract (09hno052)

Virtual implants in ear surgery

Tolsdorff B, Petersik A, Pflesser B, Pommert A, Tiede U, Hoehne KH
Meeting Abstract (09hno053)

Labyrinthine fistula in mastoidectomy due to large cholesteatoma – postoperative findings and hearing results

von Zadow D, Pethe W, Begall K