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76. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e. V.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e. V.

04.05. - 08.05.2005, Erfurt

Cochlear Implant

Meeting Abstract (05hno577)

Preliminary Speech Perception Results with the new Nucleus “System4”

Battmer RD, Böhm M, Büchner A, Pesch J, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05hno554)

Quantitative evaluation of a substance distribution inside a cochlear model using different electrode prototypes for drug delivery

Bögel L, Stöver T, Paasche G, Leinung M, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05hno576)

Minimal audible angle of bilaterally provided cochlear implant users

Böhm M, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05hno562)

Mechanical effects of cochlea-implant electrodes on the mapping of acoustic signals in the cochlea

Böhnke F, Kiefer J, Arnold W
Meeting Abstract (05hno136)

Improved Frequency Resolution by Virtual Channels in the HiRes System

Brendel M, Habermann C, Buechner A, Frohne-Buechner C, Stoever T, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05hno579)

First results with the Mu.S.I.C. test in postlingually deaf cochlea implant users and comparison to normal hearing subjects

Brockmeier SJ, Fitzgerald D, Fitzgerald H, Searle O
Meeting Abstract (05hno564)

Long-term Results of Deep Electrode Insertion with Cochlear Implants

Buechner A, Jaeger A, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05hno557)

Using the loudness to optimize the stimulation rate in the HiRes Cochlear Implant system

Frohne-Büchner C, Brendel M, Büchner A, Stöver T, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05hno580)

ECAP Measurements with the new Nucleus CI24RE Implant and the CustomSoundEP Software: Comparison of automatically and manually obtained results

Gaertner L, Pesch J, Buechner A, Battmer RD, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05hno569)

Cochlear implantation in case of deaf-blindness following meningitis

Haensel J, Di Martino E, Christian T, Martin W
Meeting Abstract (05hno558)

Fitting of cochlear implant processors by scaling of electric and acoustic stimuli

Hoth S
Meeting Abstract (05hno568)

The Development of a Wound Retractor with Integrated Suction and Illumination for Cochlear Implantation

Issing PR, Ott I, Hammersen JJ
Meeting Abstract (05hno571)

Speech understanding in noise using cochlear implants

Kiss JG, Tóth F, Szamosközi A, Nagy AL, Jóri J
Meeting Abstract (05hno575)

“HEAR-CAMP” - appraisal of results from a pedagogical point of view

Krueger B, Lenarz T, Elixmann-Mittler K, Lesinski-Schiedat A
Meeting Abstract (05hno140)

Streamline fitting by the use of Nucleus System 4

Morsnowski A, Müller-Deile J, Hey M, Begall K, Wesarg T, Laszig R, Killian M, Zarowski A, Offeciers E, Ambrosch P
Meeting Abstract (05hno561)

Experimental assessment of electrode insertion forces – a training tool to control surgical skills

Mürbe D, Bornitz M, Zahnert T
Meeting Abstract (05hno560)

Comparison of the Results with Different Cochlear Implant Electrodes (Straight, Contour, Contour with Softip)

Paasche G, Wieland S, Lenarz T, Stöver T
Meeting Abstract (05hno551)

Cell growth on surface of cochlear implant electrode

Reich U, Reuter G, Mueller P, Lubatschowski H, Stoever T, Lenarz T
Meeting Abstract (05hno563)

Expression of the plasticity marker c-Fos in auditory brainstem projection neurons of the rat after electrical intacochlear stimulation

Reisch A, Illing RB, Laszig R
Meeting Abstract (05hno555)

Auditory midbrain implant (AMI) – physiology and histology of acute and chronic implantations

Reuter G, Stan AC, Lenarz M, Lenarz T, Paasche G, Reich U
Meeting Abstract (05hno556)

Interactions of combined electric/acoustic stimulation (EAS) of the cochlea in the central auditory system

Vollmer M, Tillein J, Bonham BH