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41. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Tropenpädiatrie und Internationale Kindergesundheit

Gesellschaft für Tropenpädiatrie und Internationale Kindergesundheit e. V.

12.05. - 14.05.2023, Bonn

Poster02: Formal Training and Teaching

Meeting Abstract (23gtpP05)

Development and validation of an assessment tool to measure practical learning outcomes of ETAT-based paediatric emergency training using standardised simulations with low-fidelity manikins in Sierra Leone

Altmann K, Aschoff N, Lindert J, Lang HJ, Hemore M, Weigel R
Meeting Abstract (23gtpP06)

Teaching ETAT in Germany – our experiences 2019–2022

von Blomberg S, Tariverdian N, Auray K, Jäger G, ETAT working group
Meeting Abstract (23gtpP08)

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in paediatric and child health at their workplaces: a mixed-method study of a national training program for non-physician clinicians in Malawi

Yasmin F, Weigel R, Phiri A, Moons P, Chimalizeni Y
Meeting Abstract (23gtpP09)

Implementing a national bachelor degree pediatric training program for clinical officers in Sierra Leone

Boom M, Jäger G, Sturris C, Burkhardt I, Aschoff N, Lang HJ, Wehrens E