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G-I-N Conference 2012

Guidelines International Network

22.08 - 25.08.2012, Berlin

Poster Sessions
Guideline implementation

Meeting Abstract (P137)

Does Physicians’ knowledge of guidelines lead to better guideline implementation? An Exploratory Study in Cardiovascular Diseases

Karbach U, Schubert I, Hagemeister J, Ernstmann N, Pfaff H, Höpp HW
Meeting Abstract (P138)

Early analysis of the barriers to the implementation of the National Disease Management Guideline ‘Structured Training Programs in Diabetes’

Conrad S, Meyerrose B, Weikert B, Weinbrenner S
Meeting Abstract (P139)

Barriers and drivers in implementing a Standard Operating Procedure for the prevention of wrong site surgery

Fishman L, Gunkel C, Renner D, Rothe C, Lessing C, Thomeczek C
Meeting Abstract (P140)

Perceived barriers on good quality of hospital care for patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: a survey study among patients and medical specialists

Stienen J, Hermens R, van Krieken H, van de Schans S, Dekker H, Raemaekers J, van der Maazen R, Wennekes L, Ottevanger N
Meeting Abstract (P141)

Evaluation of an implementation strategy to improve guideline adherence with a focus on barriers and solutions

Brouwers E, Joosen M, Terluin B, Van der Klink J, Van Beurden K, Van Weeghel J
Meeting Abstract (P142)

Perception of childbirth professionals regarding the use and implementation barriers of clinical practice guidelines

Etxeandia-Ikobaltzeta I, Rada-Fernandez de Jauregui D, Reviriego-Rodrigo E, Rico-Iturrioz R
Meeting Abstract (P143)

Knowledge of childbirth professionals regarding clinical practice guidelines

Etxeandia-Ikobaltzeta I, Rada-Fernandez de Jauregui D, Reviriego-Rodrigo E, Rico-Iturrioz R
Meeting Abstract (P144)

Perception of childbirth professionals regarding applicability of the CPG for Normal Childbirth

Etxeandia-Ikobaltzeta I, Rada-Fernandez de Jauregui D, Reviriego-Rodrigo E, Rico-Iturrioz R
Meeting Abstract (P145)

Enhancing information extraction from clinical practice guidelines to improve the transparency and efficiency of Clinical Decision Support development

De Smet M, De Backer T, Vander Stichele R
Meeting Abstract (P146)

Combining evidence-based clinical information retrieval and decision support at the point-of-care: A National service

Van De Velde S, Aertgeerts B, Geens S, Van der Stichele R
Meeting Abstract (P147)

UFuRT Methodology Application for Knowledge Representation in Clinical Practice Guidelines

Garcia CA, Diaz S, Castillo JS, Sierra F
Meeting Abstract (P148)

Electronic devices usage among cancer trainees in Colombia: a survey report

Garcia CA, Castillo JS, Sierra F
Meeting Abstract (P149)

Shared decisions making on an evidence based framework

de Graaf-Peters V, Meerhoff GA, van der Wees P, de Bie R, Nijhuis-van de Sanden R
Meeting Abstract (P150)

The guideline as query-able data structure

Fraser J, Buckley A, Berry S, Brunt L
Meeting Abstract (P151)

MAGIC (Making GRADE the Irresistible Choice): Research program for optimal authoring, dissemination and dynamic updating of electronically structured GRADE guidelines

Vandvik PO, Brandt L, Kristiansen A, Lie ØH, Akl E, Alonso P, Treweek S, Guyatt G
Meeting Abstract (P152)

Development of web-based guideline evaluation and reporting system using AGREE II

Shin ES, Lee SH, Jung YM, Jang JE, Kim MJ
Meeting Abstract (P153)

Mobile Application to facilitate use of Clinical Practice Guidelines in the Spanish National Health Service

Arguis S, Muñoz I, García-Lechuz JM
Meeting Abstract (P154)

The Usability of an Online Guideline Library – An Eighth Year Evaluation

Kren K, Richards M, Ziegler P
Meeting Abstract (P155)

Development of guideline-based quality indicators: a systematic review

Sipilä R, Komulainen J, Malmivaara A, Ketola E
Meeting Abstract (P156)

Methods for the guideline-based development of quality indicators – a systematic review

Koetter T, Blozik E, Scherer M
Meeting Abstract (P157)

Implementation of delirium monitoring according to the German S3-Guidelines for the management of analgesia, sedation and delirium in intensive care

Luetz A, Balzer F, Radtke F, Fueger S, Jones C, Citerio G, Walder B, Spies C
Meeting Abstract (P158)

Performance measures: mapping process to outcomes

Sutcliffe D, Bennett B, Lacey T, Shaw E, Stokes T
Meeting Abstract (P159)

French Microbiology Laboratories Practices concerning Antibiotic Therapy and Prevention of Antimicrobial Resistance

Vernet-Garnier V, Bataillon R, Le Ludec T, Durocher A
Meeting Abstract (P160)

Implementation of Guidelines for Management of Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) in 72 French Emergency Departments

Durocher A, Ducassé JL, Claessens Y, Fontaine JP, Borderon M, Vernet-Garnier V
Meeting Abstract (P161)

Guidance-related support tools: a five years survey

Lindecker V, Georg G, Revel C
Meeting Abstract (P162)

National and multinational Guidelines – what do we need? Online survey on awareness of different national and European psoriasis guidelines

Nast A, Kragballe K, Reich K, Mrowietz U
Meeting Abstract (P163)

Diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease: are we sticking to the guidelines?

Villanueva G, Gutierrez-Ibarluzea I, López de Argumedo M, Rodríguez-Antigüedad A
Meeting Abstract (P164)

Implementation of the guideline bladder instillation of patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

van Benthem TGM, Stoffer-Brink A, de Blok W, Verkerk J, Kersten S
Meeting Abstract (P165)

Implementation of Clinical Guidelines in Eastern Europe: achievements and barriers (the experience of Ukraine)

Stepanenko A, Lishchyshyna O
Meeting Abstract (P166)

Evidence and Guidelines for Implementation of Process and Safety Improvement

Harris J, Whippy A
Meeting Abstract (P167)

University Certificate in Leadership and Management for Nursing: The Use of Best Practice Guidelines as a Benchmark for Program Evaluation

Santa Mina E, Espin S, Mastrilli P, Purdy N, Swart B, Tucker Scott K
Meeting Abstract (P168)

Effect of a single continuing medical education (CME) report on prescription behaviour. Results from the disease management programme (DMP) coronary artery disease (CAD) in the North Rhine region, Germany

Hagen B, Schwang I, Altenhofen L, Griebenow R, Kretschmann J, Weber A
Meeting Abstract (P169)

Effect of continuing medical education (CME) activities on quality of medical therapy in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). Results from the disease management programme (DMP) CAD in the North Rhine region, Germany

Hagen B, Schwang I, Altenhofen L, Griebenow R, Kretschmann J, Weber A
Meeting Abstract (P170)

Implementing external quality management for guidelines: Assessment and communication of methodological quality – first experiences

Siegert S, Conrad S, Khan C, Langer T, Meyerrose B, Muche-Borowski C, Schirm J, Schwarz S, Weikert B, Weinbrenner S, Ollenschläger G, Nothacker M
Meeting Abstract (P171)

Translation of multidisciplinairy, palliative care guidelines to discipline specific guidelines for certified nurse assistents

Uitdehaag MJ, Zuidema J, Frohleke BEM, de Jong M, van Rooyen M, Joosten J, Kersten S
Meeting Abstract (P172)

Performance measures and quality of evidence: a case study of depression pay for performance measures

Shaw E, Sutcliffe D, Lacey T, Stokes T
Meeting Abstract (P173)

Evidence-Based Learning Modules

Price D, Tom G, Simpkins C
Meeting Abstract (P174)

Evidence-based guideline implementation within Primary Care Practices on Hypertension and Diabetes

Stein AT, Sirena SA, Suarez CS, Kopittke L, Lima L, Baldisserotto J, Diercks M, Nedel F
Meeting Abstract (P175)

Effects of guideline adherent adjuvant treatment in primary breast cancer – A retrospective multi-center-cohort study of 3,976 patients

Schwentner L, Wolters R, Wischnewsky M, Kreienberg R, Wöckel A
Meeting Abstract (P176)

Poor translation of the nation-wide postpartum hemorrhage guideline and MOET-instructions into local protocols (the Fluxim study)

van Vugt M, Woiski M, Scheepers L, Hermens R
Meeting Abstract (P177)

Medical Audit Stroke

Molag M, Hagemeijer A
Meeting Abstract (P178)

Similarities and differences between national evidence based guidelines and regional agreements

Meijer L, Schellevis F
Meeting Abstract (P179)

Implementation of bisphosphonate guidance across multiple professional groups

Templeton A, Clarkson J, Stirling D, Young L, Elouafkaoui P, Rutherford S, Ramsay C, Methodology Group T
Meeting Abstract (P180)

Guidance for using the medical isotope Technetium-99m during a supply disruption

Reed M, Mujoomdar M
Meeting Abstract (P181)

Clinical practice guidelines as an integral part of undergraduate medical curricula

Licenik R, Ivanova K, Precek JH, Osinova D, Klikova K, Raimund I
Meeting Abstract (P182)

Developing guideline proficiency in a Master of Science programme for midwives

Bernloehr A, Gross MM
Meeting Abstract (P183)

Effects of Evidence Based Practice Integrated Gerontological Nursing Clinical Practicum

Park M, Gang MH
Meeting Abstract (P184)

Knowledge and Competency of Nursing Students on Patient Safety Guideline

Park M, Park JH
Meeting Abstract (P185)

Comprehensive quality improvement in general practice in the Netherlands

van der Jagt L
Meeting Abstract (P186)

Attitudes of Spanish Family and Community Medicine doctors in training towards the use of Clinical Practice guidelines

Boix Gras C, López-Torres Hidalgo J, Martín Oliver J, Tellez Lapeira JM, Andrés Pretel F, Parraga Martínez I
Meeting Abstract (P187)

Attitudes of medical university faculty to clinical practice guidelines in Tajikistan

Pochodzhanova S, Khamraev D
Meeting Abstract (P188)

Evidence based patient information; deriving patient information from CPGs and integrating into decision aids

Mulder JW, Drenthen T, Dreesens D, van Everdingen J
Meeting Abstract (P189)

Developing patient information for low back pain – methods, patient involvement and challenges

Schwarz S, Schwencke S, Hahnenkamp C, Siegert S, Schaefer C, Weinbrenner S, Conrad S, Khan C, Ollenschläger G
Meeting Abstract (P190)

Short Patient Information Leaflets for foreign language patients – a German example for guideline developers in other countries?

Schwencke S, Hahnenkamp C, Siegert S, Schirm J, Schaefer C, Ollenschläger G
Meeting Abstract (P191)

Factors that influence implementation: what do users think?

Shaw E, Thornton J, Chamberlain K, Ayiku L
Meeting Abstract (P192)

Impact of different approaches to development and updating of perinatal clinical practice guidelines

Middleton P, Crowther C
Meeting Abstract (P193)

Refrain from publication of a guideline after an extensive evaluation of the effectiveness of a draft version

Hulshof C, Verweij L, Proper K, Weel A, van Mechelen W
Meeting Abstract (P194)

National assessment and evaluation based on National Guidelines

Weilandt L, Jakobsson A, Branting-Elgstrand M, Lawrence M
Meeting Abstract (P195)

Monitoring of the regional implementation of national guideline on chronic renal failure

Meijer L, Schellevis F
Meeting Abstract (P196)

Guidelines, evidence and the law: a case study in organ donation

Baker M, Chamberlain K, Richardson J, Ryle R, Shaw E
Meeting Abstract (P197)

At work! Guideline and web-based tool on skin lesions for preventive youth health care

Kamphuis M, van Gameren-Oosterom H, Rosenbrand K, Fleuren M, Pasmans S
Meeting Abstract (P198)

Quality standards: from 0 to 150 in 5 years

Neary R, Clifford E