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G-I-N Conference 2012

Guidelines International Network

22.08 - 25.08.2012, Berlin

Oral Presentations
Guideline development: methodology II

Meeting Abstract (O49)

Intellectual conflicts of interest in the production of guidelines

Wiersma T
Meeting Abstract (O50)

Conflict of Interest Policies for Organizations Producing a Large Number of Clinical Practice Guidelines

Norris SL, Holmer HK, Burda BU, Ogden LA, Fu R
Meeting Abstract (O51)

Public consultation for guideline development: who does, when and how?

André-Vert J, Couillerot-Peyrondet AL, Scemama O, Rumeau-Pichon C, Laurence M
Meeting Abstract (O52)

Stories and lessons of 30 years guideline development in The Netherlands

Burgers J, Kersten S, Rosenbrand K, Van Barneveld T, Franx G, Hulshof C, Van Veenendaal H, Van der Wees P, Tuut M, Dreesens D