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24. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Arzneimittelanwendungsforschung und Arzneimittelepidemiologie (GAA)

Gesellschaft für Arzneimittelanwendungsforschung und Arzneimittelepidemiologie

30.11. - 01.12.2017, Erfurt


Meeting Abstract (17gaa85)

Use of aldosterone antagonists at the University hospital Jena

Farker K, Weber J, Wende B, Hartmann M
Meeting Abstract (17gaa86)

Risk factors for electrolyte disturbances in hospitalized geriatric patients – focus on diuretics

Börner J, Baum S, Krummenauer F, Schaper K, Thürmann PA
Meeting Abstract (17gaa87)

Methods of application of statutory health insurance routine data: Morbidity Related Groups (MRG) in outpatient treatment and its relations to ICD-10 diagnoses

Schuster R, Heidbreder M, von Arnstedt E, Ostermann T, Emcke T
Meeting Abstract (17gaa88)

Application of statutory health insurance data: analysis of age and gender structures for ICD-10 diagnoses in outpatient treatment

Schuster F, Ostermann T, Emcke T, Schuster R
Meeting Abstract (17gaa89)

Identification of drug-related problems by means of pharmacy-based medication review – results of a project to optimise medication safety

Sell R, Schaefer M
Meeting Abstract (17gaa90)

Utilizing health insurance routine data: an overview of methods, algorithms and fields of application in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein

Schuster R, Heidbreder M, Schuster F, von Arnstedt E, Ostermann T, Schuster M, Emcke T
Meeting Abstract (17gaa91)

Incidence and management of adverse drug reactions in an outpatient setting – a cross-sectional analysis

Haase A, Weckmann G, Alte D, Chenot JF
Meeting Abstract (17gaa92)

Drug Safety – The Contribution of Community Pharmacies in the Pharmacovigilance System

Wessel T, Pixberg T, Mischok M, Erzkamp S, Puteanus U
Meeting Abstract (17gaa93)

General Practitioners' Perception of Interprofessional Collaboration with Pharmacists

Rose O, Richling K, Köberlein-Neu J
Meeting Abstract (17gaa94)

Delphi meets AMBER – An expert survey on medication-related problems in nursinghomes

Erzkamp S, Rose O
Meeting Abstract (17gaa95)

Combined use of medicines affecting the renin-angiotensin system: dual RAS blockade in German nursing home residents

Dörks M, Herget-Rosenthal S, Hoffmann F, Jobski K
Meeting Abstract (17gaa96)

Intake of sleep disturbing and sleep inducing drugs – an interaction analysis on the additive scale.

Lehnich AT, Kowall B, Moebus S, Jöckel KH, Stang A
Meeting Abstract (17gaa97)

The impact of new product entry on adherence to disease-modifying therapy for multiple sclerosis in Germany

Blankart K, Frey S, Lichtenberg F
Meeting Abstract (17gaa98)

Drug interactions in community-dwelling people screened positive for dementia: Data from the DelpHi study

Wucherer D, Thyrian R, Hertel J, Michalowsky B, Zwingmann I, Kilimann I, Teipel S, Hoffmann W
Meeting Abstract (17gaa99)

Regional distributions of biosimilar rates of the private health insurance

Jacke C, Wild F
Meeting Abstract (17gaa100)

Pneumococcal vaccination rates in immunocompromised patients in Germany

Schmedt N, Kossack N, Sprenger R, Schiffner-Rohe J, Walker J, Häckl D
Meeting Abstract (17gaa101)

The effect of pharmaceutical advice by phone regarding inappropriate drug prescriptions

van Eijk SC, Arndt LK, Neitemeier S
Meeting Abstract (17gaa102)

Antibiotic use among Turkish migrants in Germany: knowledge, attitudes and patient-provider interaction

Erdsiek F, Brzoska P, Aksakal T
Meeting Abstract (17gaa104)

Innovationsfondsprojekte AdAM und RESIST

Jachmich J, Hammerschmidt R, Meyer F
Meeting Abstract (17gaa105)

The moderating role of allergy immunotherapy in asthma progression

Tesch F, Wüstenberg E, Mücke V, Küster D, Schmitt J
Meeting Abstract (17gaa106)

Prescription Behavior in the Context of Benefit Assessment Exemplified in the Federal State of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein

Heidbreder M, von Arnstedt E, Emcke T, Schuster R
Meeting Abstract (17gaa107)

Prescription of oral anticoagulant drugs in the German federal state of Schleswig- Holstein; is there a regional pattern?

von Arnstedt E, Heidbreder M, Emcke T, Schuster R
Meeting Abstract (17gaa108)

Improving the care of children and adolescents with medicines by enhancing medication safety - The KiDSafe Project

Neubert A, Schwab M, Riedel C, Urschitz M, Zepp F, Romanos M, Bertsche T, Kiess W, Wenzl T, Haug U, Verheyen F, Rascher W
Meeting Abstract (17gaa109)

Methodological Challenges Using Drug Prescription Data

Swart E
Meeting Abstract (17gaa110)

Impact of a European Referral Process on the Prescription Volume of combined hormonal contraceptives

Selke Krulichová I, Selke GW, Eichler U, Lappe V, Schubert I
Meeting Abstract (17gaa111)

Preliminary experiences in the implementation of a medication therapy management based on the Arzneimittelinitiative Sachsen-Thüringen (ARMIN)

Fuchs A, Olbrich T, Maywald U