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The ABC Conference: Algae Bioactive Compounds – from research to innovation

The project is funded by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark with means from the European Regional Development Fund.

25. - 26.08.2020, Kiel, Germany (online conference)

Day 2
Bioactivities of Fucoidans 2

Meeting Abstract (20fucosan15)

Impact of different fucoidan fractions on endothelial functionality, activation and inflammatory response during bacterial infections

Kirsten N, Ohmes J, Mikkelsen MD, Thi TN, Wang F, Seekamp A, Meyer AS, Fuchs S
Meeting Abstract (20fucosan16)

Effects of fucoidan extracts, derived from different Fucus species on human mesenchymal stem cells and impact on bone health and vascularization

Wang F, Xiao Y, Ptak SH, Xiong J, Ohmes J, Seekamp A, Fretté X, Fuchs S