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The ABC Conference: Algae Bioactive Compounds – from research to innovation

The project is funded by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark with means from the European Regional Development Fund.

25. - 26.08.2020, Kiel, Germany (online conference)

Day 1
Enzymes and Metabolomics in Brown Algae Research

Meeting Abstract (20fucosan06)

Functional characterization of an endo-fucoidanase from Formosa haliotis for the degradation of α-(1–3) and α-(1–4) fucoidans

Vuillemin M, Silchenko AS, Kokoulin MS, Ermakova SP, Cao HTT, Vo T, Holck J, Meyer AS, Mikkelsen MD
Meeting Abstract (20fucosan07)

Fucoidan: enzymatic purification and modification

Mikkelsen MD, Nguyen TT, Cao HTT, Tran VHN, Trang VTD, Van TTT, Meyer AS
Meeting Abstract (20fucosan08)

FTIR fingerprinting for fucoidanases' activity assessment

Tran VHN, Mikkelsen MD, Perna V, Nguyen TT, Trang VTD, Baum A, Cao HTT, Van TTT, Meyer AS
Meeting Abstract (20fucosan09)

Automated tools for identifying the massive metabolome and bioactive constituents of Baltic Fucus vesiculosus

Heavisides E, Büdenbender L, Tasdemir D