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Forum Medizin 21, 45. Kongress für Allgemeinmedizin und Familienmedizin

Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität in Zusammenarbeit mit der Deutschen, Österreichischen und Südtiroler Gesellschaft für Allgemein- und Familienmedizin

22.09. - 24.09.2011, Salzburg, Österreich


Meeting Abstract (11fom208)

What can we as Primary Care Physicians do to improve patient safety in relation to medication error – insights from the Linneaus Project

Esmail A
Meeting Abstract (11fom209)

Customizing Drug Therapy for the Elderly – Combining Ethics, Evidence Based Medicine, and the Art of Medicine

Garfinkel D
Meeting Abstract (11fom210)

Less is more – the triple win-win-Game of reducing polypharmacy

Garfinkel D
Meeting Abstract (11fom211)

Multimorbidity and polypharmacy: concepts, challenges in health care and the primary care research agenda

Knottnerus A
Meeting Abstract (11fom212)

Strategies in pharmacotherapy of multimorbidity: is it always too many or sometimes too few?

van den Akker M