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7th EFSMA – European Congress of Sports Medicine, 3rd Central European Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Annual Assembly of the German and the Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

26.-29.10.2011, Salzburg, Österreich

Poster Presentations

Meeting Abstract (11esm148)

Acute achilles tendon rupture. The surgical question revisited. A narrative literature review

Kaplan Y
Meeting Abstract (11esm149)

Autologous matrix – Induced chondrogenesis (AMIC) for reconstruction of osteochondral lesions of the talus

Miska M, Wiewiorski M, Leumann A, Studler U, Valderrabano V
Meeting Abstract (11esm150)

Bilateral lower limb amputation – Case report

Knezevic A, Mikulic-Gutman S, Boskovic K, Kevic S, Milic Z, Devecerski G
Meeting Abstract (11esm151)

Biofeedback – basics and indications

Crevenna R
Meeting Abstract (11esm152)

Biofeedback for cancer patients

Crevenna R, Sedghi Komanadj T, Keilani M
Meeting Abstract (11esm153)

Biofeedback-assisted mental techniques in elementary school – a pilot project

Crevenna R, Krammer C, Antonitsch A, Sedghi Komanadj T, Keilani M
Meeting Abstract (11esm154)

Conservative treatment options of carpal tunnel syndrome – „Update 2011“

Keilani M, Nuhr M, Crevenna R
Meeting Abstract (11esm155)

Indirect magnetic resonance arthrography and 18F-FDG PET findings in adhesive capsulitis

Ga HY, Kim DH, Sung DH
Meeting Abstract (11esm156)

Medical study of non-invasive cerebrovascular autoregulation real-time monitoring on professional weightlifters and bodybuilders

Petkus V, Kalasauskiene A, Ragauskas A, Krutulyte G, Chomskis R, Kalasauskas L
Meeting Abstract (11esm157)

Mondor’s disease in a healthy handball athlete

Lyrtzis C, Natsis K, Manavis K
Meeting Abstract (11esm158)

Muscle strength in patients suffering from Glioblastoma

Marhold M, Keilani M, Marosi C, Flechl B, Crevenna R
Meeting Abstract (11esm159)

Physical therapy after flexor tendon and nerve repair of the hand in zone IV

Martinaj M, Rrecaj S, Haxhiu B, Buja Z, Hoxha E, Hundozi-Hysenaj H
Mit Erratum (23.10.2012)
Meeting Abstract (11esm160)

Physical therapy and splinting after flexor tendon repair in zone II

Rrecaj S, Martinaj M, Haxhiu B, Buja Z, Zatriqi V, Hundozi H
Meeting Abstract (11esm161)

Pisotriquetral Arthrodesis for Pisotriquetral Instability: Case Report

Ferlic P, Herfert J, Singer G, Eberl R
Meeting Abstract (11esm162)

Possiblity of physical therapy after luxation/subluxation of a temporomandibular joint – Case report

Kevic S, Mikulic-Gutman S, Jeremic-Knezevic M, Knezevic A
Meeting Abstract (11esm163)

Pre and post surgical physical therapy in athletes with knee injuries

Cluci OO, Almajan-Guta B, Avram C, Rusu AM, Oravitan M, Sarandan S
Meeting Abstract (11esm164)

Reconstruction of a large osteochondral lesion of the distal tibia with an Iliac Crest Graft and Autologous Matrix Induced Chondrogenesis (AMIC) – Case report

Miska M, Wiewiorski M, Leumann A, Studler U, Valderrabano V
Meeting Abstract (11esm165)

Referent weight-bearing distribution patterns in treadmill jogging: an original research study

Kaplan Y
Meeting Abstract (11esm166)

Rehabilitation outcome following war-related below-knee amputation in Kosovo: observational retrospective study

Osmani Vllasolli T, Murtezani A, Kalaveshi A
Meeting Abstract (11esm167)

Sagittal spino-pelvic alignment relative to the spine-pelvic motion in young males

Ferri-Caruana AM, Sarti-Martínez MA, Fuster-Ortí MA, Villaplana-Sarti LJ, Mayo-Santamaría C
Meeting Abstract (11esm168)

Self-reported physical activity and performance in long-term heart transplant recipients – preliminary data

Leitner L, Keilani M, Bunzel B, Crevenna R
Meeting Abstract (11esm169)

Stress fractures in the Swiss Orienteering and Triathlon National Teams – Analysis of frequency, localisation, and risk factors

Leumann A, Winkler S, Züst P, Clenin G, Noack P, Valderrabano V
Meeting Abstract (11esm170)

The “HÄMOFIT”-project: exercise for adult male patients with severe haemophilia in Austrian fitness centres

Keilani M, Pabinger I, Crevenna R
Meeting Abstract (11esm171)

The first Tumour board for Cancer Rehabilitation in a central hospital

Crevenna R, Fialka-Moser V, Hütterer E, Kainberger F, Keilani M, Marosi C, Pokrajac B, Pötter R, Stifter A, Wiltschke C, Zielinski C
Meeting Abstract (11esm172)

The prevalence of the anterior genicular transverse ligament amongst different population groups – Is this the missing link in knee injuries?

Barnard J, Dobberstein L, Hayward I
Meeting Abstract (11esm173)

The subcutaneous fat tissue on the appearance in the sportists lesions and its influence in the rehabilitation

Haxhiu B, Martinaj M, Rrecaj S, Zahiti B, Gashi F
Meeting Abstract (11esm174)

Ultrasonography Evaluation of the Achilles Tendon Thickness in Two Different Angles and Levels of Contraction in Asymptomatic Subjects

Intziegianni K, Wang V, Cassel M, Mayer F