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7th EFSMA – European Congress of Sports Medicine, 3rd Central European Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Annual Assembly of the German and the Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

26.-29.10.2011, Salzburg, Österreich

Lectures & Oral Presentations
I: Nutrition & Ergogenic Aids

Meeting Abstract (11esm067)

Consumption of a fermented dairy product containing the probiotic Lactobacillus casei CNCM I-1518 improves clinical outcome of common infections and quality of life in adults under stress (firemen students) in a randomized controlled trial

Niborski V, Tanguy J, Ernouf C, Jost D
Meeting Abstract (11esm068)

Effect of antioxidant supplementation on muscle damage and oxidative stress markers in elite young soccer players

Baralic I, Djordjevic B, Dikic N, Radivojevic N, Andjelkovic M, Vujic S, Kotur-Stevuljevic J, Stefanovic A, Ivanisevic J
Meeting Abstract (11esm069)

Effect of supplementory consumption vitamin B1 (thiamin) on blood glucose changes during and after maximal aerobic exercise

Kasbparast Jui Ray M, Kohandel M, Zarei Namini P
Meeting Abstract (11esm070)

Energy and dietary intakes of young professional football players

Andjelkovic M, Baralic I, Radivojevic N, Dikic N, Djordjevic B, Vujic S, Vesic M