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7th EFSMA – European Congress of Sports Medicine, 3rd Central European Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Annual Assembly of the German and the Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Austrian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

26.-29.10.2011, Salzburg, Österreich

Lectures & Oral Presentations

Meeting Abstract (11esm001)

A comparative study of ski and snowboard injuries

Vidal A
Meeting Abstract (11esm002)

Advice after injury is like medicine after death! A multi-pronged approach to injury prevention in adolescents

Loney T, Micallef-Stafrace K, Carter J, Al Shehhi M
Meeting Abstract (11esm003)

Epidemiology of snow sport injuries: The need of speaking the same language

Zacharopoulos A
Meeting Abstract (11esm004)

Exercise prescription principles and outpatient rehabilitation for cancer patients

Crevenna R
Meeting Abstract (11esm005)

Medical Rehabilitation in the Acute Hospital

Ward AB
Meeting Abstract (11esm006)

Motor recovery after stroke and traumatic brain injury, an outcome analysis of 120 patients in acute rehabilitation

Glaesener JJ
Meeting Abstract (11esm007)

Muscle strength in cancer patients – A general survey and the specifics of patients suffering from Glioblastoma

Keilani M
Meeting Abstract (11esm008)

Osteoporosis – prevention of falls

Kerschan-Schindl K
Meeting Abstract (11esm009)

People with Disabilities in Europe

Ward AB
Meeting Abstract (11esm010)

Physical activity requirements in older adults

Landkammer Y
Meeting Abstract (11esm011)

Physical treatment – what is possible?

Smolenski US, Ullrich S
Meeting Abstract (11esm012)

Prevention of lower limb injuries in the military

Micallef-Stafrace K, Loney T, Al Shehhi M, Carter J
Meeting Abstract (11esm013)

Prevention of sports injuries including neuromuscular training

Banzer W, Hübscher M
Meeting Abstract (11esm014)

Rheumatoid arthritis – fatigue

Kerschan-Schindl K
Meeting Abstract (11esm015)

Sports and amputees

Zorn C, Crevenna R, Fialka-Moser V, Pieber K
Meeting Abstract (11esm016)

“State of the art” and history of pre-participation screening in Europe

Pigozzi F
Meeting Abstract (11esm017)

“Teenie Workout” as a special training programme for CF children – a case description

Jovanovic-Mifsud T, Stemberger R, Fialka-Moser V, Crevenna R
Meeting Abstract (11esm018)

The Significance of Physical Training for the Primary and Secondary Prevention of Back Pain

Pfeifer K
Meeting Abstract (11esm019)

Treatment of diving-accidents with oxygen under hyperbaric conditions (HBO)

Andel H, Andel D, Kamolz LP, Schramm W, Markstaller K