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102. Jahrestagung der DOG

Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft e. V.

23. bis 26.09.2004, Berlin

Vorträge Donnerstag, 23.09.2004
Inflammation in neovascular disease - from basic science to clinical treatment

Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.11.01)

Oxygen mediated neovascularization

Lappas A
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.11.02)

Familial exsudative vitreo-retinopathy (FEVR)

Kirchhof B
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.11.04)

Eales disease

Heimann H
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.11.05)

Vasculitis and neovascularization

Becker MD
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.11.06)

Inflammation and age-related macular degeneration

Fauser S
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.11.07)

Diabetic macula edema as an inflammatory disease

Joussen A
Meeting Abstract (04dogDO.11.08)

Immune amplification in inflammatory corneal neovascularization

Cursiefen C