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Deutscher Kongress für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie (DKOU 2022)

25. - 28.10.2022, Berlin

AB72 Digitalisation – From Big Data to Robotics

Meeting Abstract (AB72-519)

Negligible effect of surgeon experience on the accuracy and time to perform unrestricted caliper verified kinematically aligned TKA with manual instruments

Nedopil A, Rudert M, Howell S, Hull M
Meeting Abstract (AB72-1366)

Development and Validation of an Artificial Intelligence Model for Automated Comprehensive Alignment Analysis of the Lower Extremity

Rupp MC, von Schacky CE, Lindner FJ, Gersing AS, Woertler K, Pogorzelski J, Siebenlist S, Feucht M, Burgkart R, Wilhelm N
Meeting Abstract (AB72-703)

Automated Measurement Technique for Coronal Parameters using a Novel Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. An Independent Validation Study on 100 Preoperative AP Spine Radiographs

Berlin C, Adomeit S, Grover P, Dreischarf M, Halm H, Obid P
Meeting Abstract (AB72-422)

TYCHE Study: Implementation of a web based tool for orthopedic image analysis, score validation and research

Schippers P, Meurer A, Schnetz M, Ewald L, Ruckes C, Hoffmann R, Gramlich Y
Meeting Abstract (AB72-1078)

Evaluation of the short-term clinical and radiological outcome following knee arthroplasty using robot-assisted surgical technique

Stein PM, Wilhelm NJ, Pohlig F, Burgkart R, von Eisenhart-Rothe R, Glowalla C
Meeting Abstract (AB72-612)

Validation of a novel device for digitally enhanced hands-on surgical training of intramedullary nail distal interlocking

Pastor T, Knobe M, Kastner P, Souleiman F, Pastor T, Gueorguiev-Rüegg B, Windolf M, Buschbaum J
Meeting Abstract (AB72-976)

Can digital follow-up reduce length of stay without impacting complication, readmission and outcomes?

Lebleu J, Pauwels A, Kordas G, Winandy CE, Van Overschelde P
Meeting Abstract (AB72-192)

Would patients undergo fully automated digital physical activity measurement at home? A survey of 201 orthopedic trauma patients

Scherer J, Yogarasa V, Rauer T, Pape HC, Heining S
Meeting Abstract (AB72-701)

An Robotic Exoskeleton for CRPS Rehabilitaion

Wilhelm N, Dickmann T, Micheler C, Lang J, Haddadin S, Burgkart R, Glowalla C