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Deutscher Kongress für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie (DKOU 2019)

22. - 25.10.2019, Berlin

IN39 Abstracts Arthroplasty International

Meeting Abstract (IN39-906)

Navigated cup placement in total hip arthroplasty is more precise and accurate than free-hand technique – a prospective and randomized study

Mihalic R, Zdovc J, Trebse R
Meeting Abstract (IN39-1046)

A comparison of operative precision following minimally-invasive direct anterior hip arthroplasty with or without surgical extension table

Knoth C, Zettl R, Welter J, Dullenkopf A, Bruhin V, Hess F
Meeting Abstract (IN39-1455)

Dual mobility cup and groin pain: a prospective multicentre series of 548 cases at a mean follow up of 5 years

Prudhon JL, Ferreira A
Meeting Abstract (IN39-863)

The physiologic postoperative presepsin levels after primary total hip replacement: a prospective observational study

Bizzoca D, Vicenti G, Carrozzo M, Nappi VS, Cotugno D, Vito P, Moretti B
Meeting Abstract (IN39-390)

Radiographic analysis of stability after implantation of three different cementless short femoral stems – five year follow-up

Lachowicz W, Grau P, Cobo C, Medina C, Vargas M, Francuz I, Jover D, Berg K
Meeting Abstract (IN39-528)

Multimodal approach to perioperative management of total knee replacement

Khadzkou Y, Balaboshka K, Khadzkova Y
Meeting Abstract (IN39-1163)

The modern approach to knee arthroplasty, using innovative individual cutting blocks

Filippova A, Pechkurov A, Karpenko A, Akulaev A, Akulaev A, Klimenko V, Dutova I
Meeting Abstract (IN39-452)

Biomechanical study of femoral stem in hinged knee prosthesis

Armaroli F, Innocenti B
Meeting Abstract (IN39-444)

Keramik/Keramik-Gleitpaarungenen bei Dysplasiecoxarthrosen – Analyse von 2.870 Hüftendoplastiken

Kusaba A, Asahi-Katsui M, HIrano M, Tsuchida M, Munakata Y, Maeda A, Kondo S, Kuroki Y