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27. Deutscher Krebskongress

Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft e. V.

22. - 26.03.2006, Berlin

Breast Cancer (Basic Research)

Meeting Abstract (OP054)

Her2/neu expression on disseminated tumor cells in the bone marrow and on the primary tumor – an insight into tumor biology

Rack B, Schoberth A, Schindlbeck C, Schulze S, Janni W, Heinrigs M, Genss EM, Strobl B, Blankenstein T, Jeschke U, Sommer H, Friese K
Meeting Abstract (OP055)

Splicing factor Tra2-beta1 is specifically induced in breast cancer and regulates alternative splicing of the CD44 gene

Sebastian M, Watermann D, zur Hausen A, Hischfeld M, Stamm S, Gitsch G, Stickeler E
Meeting Abstract (OP056)

Validation of mRNA and protein expression of invasion-specific markers in breast cancer, obtained by microarray analysis

Schuetz C, Kurek R, Bonin M, Clare S, Nieselt K, Sotlar K, Fehm T, Solomayer E, Riess O, Wallwiener D, Neubauer H
Meeting Abstract (OP057)

Effects of Imatinib on breast cancer cell biology in vitro

Mundhenke C, Weigel M, Meinhold-Heerlein I, Bauerschlag D, Schem C, Jonat W
Meeting Abstract (OP058)

The differentiation antigen NY-BR-1 is a potential target for immunotherapy in breast cancer

Seil I, Frei C, Engels K, Sültmann H, Jäger E, Zatloukal K, Knuth A, Old L, Chen YT, Stauber R, Jäger D
Meeting Abstract (OP059)

Gene expression profiling of breast cancer tissues using whole genome cDNA microarrays

Stojanov M, Schneider J, Asslaber M, Samonigg H, Zatloukal K, Poustka A, Sültmann H
Meeting Abstract (OP060)

Coculture of human breast cancer cells with human primary osteoblasts (hOB) – Influence on migration and invasion

Gründker C, von Alten J, Schulz H, Emons G
Meeting Abstract (OP061)

What do breast cancer patients (BC) expect from their physicians and from treatment? Results of a german survey in 617 patients.

Oskay-Özcelik G, Lehmacher W, Mirz R, Christ H, Kaufmann M, Bamberg M, Lichtenegger W, Wallwiener D, Overkamp F, Hindenburg HJ, Sehouli J
Meeting Abstract (OP062)

Breast cancer proteomics by laser capture microdissection, sample pooling, 54 cm immobilised pH gradient isoelectric focussing, and differential iodine radioisotope detection

Neubauer H, Clare S, Kurek R, Fehm T, Sotlar K, Nordheim A, Schrattenholz A, Cahill M, Wallwiener D, Solomayer E
Meeting Abstract (OP063)

Antiestrogens modulate MT1 melatonin receptor expression in breast and ovarian cancer cell lines

Lattrich C, Haldar C, Ortmann O, Treeck O
Meeting Abstract (PO064)

No association between polymorphism of the aromatase (CYP19) and breast cancer risk

Fasching PA, Ringleff K, Geiler S, Frank S, Heusinger K, Schmidt S, Löhberg C, Schulz-Wendtland R, Strissel P, Beckmann MW, Strick R
Meeting Abstract (PO065)

Loss of tumorigenicity of ER-beta-expressing breast cancer MCF-7 cells

Behrens D, Fichtner I, Zeisig R
Meeting Abstract (PO066)

Crosstalk between estrogen receptors and the TGF- b signalling cascade in MCF-7 cell migration

Malek D, Burkhard K, Ronald G
Meeting Abstract (PO067)

Dietary phytoestrogen (lignan) intake and breast cancer risk in EPIC-Heidelberg

Storz S, Nagel G, Linseisen J
Meeting Abstract (PO068)

AKAP12 / Gravin – a candidate tumor suppressor gene is down regulated in breast cancer

Blankenburg M, Hofmann W, Seitz S, Strissel J, Hinzmann B, Scherneck S
Meeting Abstract (PO069)

New Carbohydrate Based Cobalt-Alkyne Complexes - Synthesis and Biological Evaluation

Koch T, Ott I, Shorafa H, Bai Z, Gust R
Meeting Abstract (PO070)

Presence of impaired T-cell activation in the bone marrow of primary breast cancer with tumor cell dissemination ?

Gruber I, Fehm T, El Yousfi S, Dürr-Storzer S, Wallwiener D, Solomayer E
Meeting Abstract (PO071)

Construction of gene expression networks by RNA interference in human cells

Fellmann M, Wellenreuther R, Kuner R, Buness A, Tresch A, Beissbarth T, Sültmann H
Meeting Abstract (PO072)

Expression of Vitamin D – metabolising enzymes in human breast cancer cell line MCF-7

Diesing D, Cordes T, Diedrich K, Friedrich M
Meeting Abstract (PO073)

Correlation of the expression of Estrogen-Related Receptors with clinicopathological parameters in breast carcinomas

Rom J, Heck S, Toedt G, Sinn HP, Deuschle U, Sohn C, Schneeweiß A, Lichter P
Meeting Abstract (PO074)

Identification of clinically relevant genes in a functional model of chromosome 8 mediated breast tumor suppression

Seitz S, Frege R, Jacobsen A, Weimer J, Arnold W, Niederacher D, Schmutzler R, Arnold N, Scherneck S
Meeting Abstract (PO075)

Persistence of disseminated tumor cells (DTC) in bone marrow (BM) of breast cancer patients predicts increased risk for relapse – results of pooled European data

Janni W, Naume B, Rack B, Schindlbeck C, Wiedswang G, Borgen E, Braun S, Sommer H, Pantel K, Gerber B, Nesland J, Friese K
Meeting Abstract (PO076)

Breast Cancer- Are there differences in prognosis between males and females?

Altendorf-Hofmann A, Göbel H, Götze R, Fernschild K, Wackes M, Burger U, Hammer U
Meeting Abstract (PO077)

Metastasis Suppressor Gene Maspin in Breast Cancer Brain Metastases

Schem C, Stark AM, Maass N, Mehdorn HM, Jonat W, Held-Feindt J
Meeting Abstract (PO078)

Identification of novel estrogen receptor beta splice variants in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells

Treeck O, Federhofer B, Houlihan H, Vollmer A, Mitter D, Pfeiler G, Horn F, Ortmann O
Meeting Abstract (PO079)

Is male breast cancer different from female breast cancer?

Rudlowski C, Schulten J, Friedrichs N, Büttner R, Füzesi L
Meeting Abstract (PO080)

Expression of estrogen receptor ß- isoforms in invasive breast cancer cell lines

Petzke N, Seeger H, Wurster M, Fehm T, Schuetz C, Solomayer E, Wallwiener D, Neubauer H
Meeting Abstract (PO081)

c-kit: identification of co-regulated genes in breast cancer patients by gene expression analysis and discrimination of two breast cancer subtypes with stem-cell-like features

Rody A, Holtrich U, Ruckhäberle E, Gätje R, Munnes M, Gehrmann M, Kourtis K, Diallo R, Engels K, von Minckwitz G, Karn T, Kaufmann M
Meeting Abstract (PO082)

Is there a difference in the prognostic value of tumor cell dissemination to the bone marrow as compared to the lymph nodes? A 7 year experience.

Kasimir-Bauer S, Oberhoff C, Callies R, Seeber S, Kimmig R
Meeting Abstract (PO083)

Prognostic value of the desmosomal protein plakoglobin (gamma-catenin) in breast cancer.

Bühler H, Mahnke E, Duvnjak B, Schaller G
Meeting Abstract (PE084)

Identification and functional characterization of the tumor suppressor gene ST18 on human chromosome 8Q11 implicated in the development of breast cancer

Jandrig B, Rejman Lipinski A, Hinzmann B, Seitz S, Arnold W, Micheel B, Koelble K, Schlag PM, Scherneck S, Rosenthal A
Meeting Abstract (PE085)

Molecular characterisation of associated tumours in families with BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation

Rhiem K, Wappenschmidt B, Flucke U, Bosse K, Mallmann P, Schmutzler RK
Meeting Abstract (PE086)

Immunohistochemical visualisation of glycodelin expression in breast cancer

Barthell E, Mylonas I, Shabani N, Kunze S, Kuhn C, Jeschke U, Friese K
Meeting Abstract (PE087)

Synchrones Auftreten prognostisch unterschiedlicher familiärer Mammakarzinome bei identischer BRCA-1 Mutation inmonozygoten weiblichen Zwillingen mit unterschiedlichen reproduktiven Faktoren

Schlehe B, Gast AS, Klaes R, Voigtländer T, Sinn HP, Bartram C, Sohn C
Meeting Abstract (PE088)

Estrogenic Activity and Stability of new Triaryl-1H-pyrroles

Hoffmann R, Gust R
Meeting Abstract (PE089)

Reverse phase protein arrays (RPPA) for the quantitative analysis of protein expression in breast cancer

Löbke C, Korf U
Meeting Abstract (PE090)

Evaluating Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) in Peripheral Blood of Breast Cancer Patients – Translational Research Program of the SUCCESS-Study

Rack B, Janni W, Fasching PA, Schwarzenbach H, Schindlbeck C, Scholz C, Hofmann S, Jeschke U, Sommer H, Beckmann MW, Pantel K, Friese K
Meeting Abstract (PE091)

Detection of circulating tumor cells in recurrence-free breast cancer patients with long time survival

Fehm T, Meng S, Lane N, Solomayer E, Uhr J
Meeting Abstract (PE092)

Expression of the transcriptional co-regulator FHL2 in human breast cancer is associated with patient prognosis

Gabriel B, Fischer DC, Orlowska-Volk M, zur Hausen A, Schüle R, Müller J, Hasenburg A
Meeting Abstract (PE093)

Polymorphism of the ATM-gene seems to have no major impact on the risk for a breast cancer disease

Fasching PA, Frank S, Schrauder M, Löhberg C, Lux M, Strick R, Beckmann MW, Strissel P
Meeting Abstract (PE094)

Effects of adiponectin on human breast cancer cells in vitro

Pfeiler GH, Treeck O, Neumeier M, Schäffler A, Horn F, Buechler C, Ortmann O
Meeting Abstract (PE095)

Raman spectroscopy to distinguish progression stages in breast cancer

Neubauer H, Schuetz C, Kurek R, Sotlar K, Fehm T, Solomayer E, Wallwiener D, Clare S
Meeting Abstract (PE096)

Phase II study with bendamustin (flat dose) in patients with metastatic breast cancer

Frost A, Steinbild S, Siegert P, Häring B, Angerer R, Unger C, Mross K
Meeting Abstract (PE097)

Identification of genes, biological processes and pathways involved in the chromosome 6 mediated suppression of tumorigenicity in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells

Strissel J, Seitz S, Arnold W, Weimer J, Arnold N, Scherneck S
Meeting Abstract (PE098)

Biochemical Monitoring of Free Radicals, Growth Factors, Receptors and Steroids in cases of Breast Cancer under Chemotherapy

Albrecht S, Eckardt K, Albrecht S, Distler W
Meeting Abstract (PE099)

Disseminated tumor cells in bone marrow of breast cancer patients - Comparison of immunocytochemistry and RT-PCR

Banys M, Becker S, Dürr-Störzer S, Becker-Pergola G, Krawczyk N, Wallwiener D, Solomayer EF, Fehm T
Meeting Abstract (PE100)

Gene-expression profiling of breast cells purified with laser microdissection: identification of genes associated with tumor development.

Kringel U, Ostwald C, Koczan D, Terpe H, Gerber B, Reimer T