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27. Deutscher Krebskongress

Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft e. V.

22. - 26.03.2006, Berlin


Meeting Abstract (OP616)

Transposition of the Clinical Trials Directive and the GCP-Directive into German law - a comparison of the current state with other EU member states

Hartmann M, Hartmann-Vareilles F
Meeting Abstract (OP617)

De Novo Tumors after Liver Transplantation

Schellerer V, Förtsch T, Hohenberger W, Yedibela S
Meeting Abstract (OP618)

Prognostic factors and long-term outcome in patients with localized Ewing's sarcoma

Jürgens H, Ranft A, Dirksen U, Paulussen M, Schuck A, Winkelmann W
Meeting Abstract (OP619)

Liposomal anthracyclines in combination with ifosfamide in the treatment of advanced soft tissue sarcomas – mature phase 2 trial results

Siehl JM, Thiel E, Schmittel A, Hütter G, Keilholz U
Meeting Abstract (OP620)

BI-RADS ® for Ultrasound - Positive and Negative Predictive Values of sonographic features of the breast

Gall C, Krämer B, Hahn M, Gruber I, Krainick-Strobel U, Wallwiener D
Meeting Abstract (OP621)

How does the Internet use of cancer patients affect the relationship between doctors and patients?

Kirschning S
Meeting Abstract (PO622)

Ewing tumour over the age of forty

Dirksen U, Ranft A, Paulussen M, Jürgens H
Meeting Abstract (PO623)

Safety and tolerability of treatment with ERYPO® (EPO) for anemic tumor patients (pts.) under chemotherapy – results of a non-interventional, observational survey (OS)

Tessen HW, Bammer S, Angermund R
Meeting Abstract (PO624)

Recent trends in incidence (1970-2002) of and mortality (1952-2002) from cancer in Germany

Becker N, Altenburg HP, Stegmeier C, Ziegler H
Meeting Abstract (PO625)

Anticancer activity of Erbitux® in 60 human tumor xenograft models

Fiebig HH, Schüler JB, Metz T, Korrat A, Maurer M
Meeting Abstract (PO626)

Two different weekly doses of ERYPO® (EPO) in anemic tumor patients (pts.) undergoing chemotherapy or combined chemo-radiotherapy – results of a non-interventional, oberservational survey (OS)

Angermund R, Bammer S
Meeting Abstract (PO627)

Extrathoracic Solitary Fibrous Tumors

Daigeler A, Lehnhardt M, Steinsträßer L, Mentzel T, Kuhnen C, Steinau HU
Meeting Abstract (PO628)

The Structure of the MYCN Amplicon is an Invariable Attribute in Human Neuroblastoma

Weber A, Starke S, Bergmann E, Christiansen H
Meeting Abstract (PO629)

Prospective evaluation of ototoxicity of platinum derivatives in adult sarcoma patients: A report from the Late Effects Surveillance System

Paulides M, Stöhr W, Nitz A, Bielack S, Koscielniak E, Klingebiel T, Jürgens H, Schuck A, Willich N, Sauer R, Langer T, Beck JD
Meeting Abstract (PO630)

Therapy-induced tumor regression in adult soft tissue sarcomas

Lehnhardt M, Daigeler A, Steinau H, Tannapfel A, Kuhnen C
Meeting Abstract (PO631)

Development of a Clinical-Grade Protocol to mature moncyte-derived dendritic cells in TH1-direction

Hildenbrand B, Sauer B, Freudenberg M, Galanos C, Kalis C, Niedermann G, Stoll C, Unger C, Azemar M
Meeting Abstract (PE632)

Correlation of endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) for differential diagnostic between inflammatory and malignant lesions of the papilla of Vater with results of histologic investigation

Will U, Meyer F, Ehrhardt C, Bosseckert H
Meeting Abstract (PE633)

The First German Multicenter Register for Elderly Cancer Patients

Honecker F, Kolb G, Otremba B, Angermund R, Bokemeyer C
Meeting Abstract (PE635)

Influence of physiotherapy on tumour oxygenation using intensified respiration by means of respiratory endurance training (SpiroTiger®)

Hanusch KU, Süsse B, Ogal H
Meeting Abstract (PE637)

A surprisingly common tumor of the thoracic wall: Elastofibroma dorsi

Daigeler A, Busch K, Vogt PM, Lehnhardt M, Steinsträßer L, Kuhnen C, Steinau HU
Meeting Abstract (PE638)

Which sense does the registration of personal data in a cancer register have for the patient in confrontation with the diagnosis “Cancer”?

Hannig M, Hanse R, Unger C
Meeting Abstract (PE639)

Extramedullary plasmocytoma: a rare case with bifocal manifestation at uncommon sites

Gibas K, Laenger F, Dobbelstein C, Bruns F
Meeting Abstract (PE640)

Overview of Studies with Geriatric-Oncologic Patients

Schroeder M, Wedding U, Kolb G, Schäfer U
Meeting Abstract (PE641)

Comfortable search of Morphology and Topography with a self‑made Access-based software-tool

Göthel H
Meeting Abstract (PE642)

Strategies for Maintenance of Hospital Reimbursement: Delivery and Documentation of Drugs Covered by an Additional Reimbursement Fee

Krych M, Thalheimer M, Ostermann H
Meeting Abstract (PE643)

Strategies for Maintenance of Hospital Reimbursement: On-site Clearing on Oncological Wards

Krych M, Ostermann H