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27. Deutscher Krebskongress

Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft e. V.

22. - 26.03.2006, Berlin

Gene Therapy / Molecular Pathology

Meeting Abstract (OP467)

Leukemia-targeted gene therapy vectors selected from random adeno-associated virus-displayed peptide libraries

Trepel M, Wilmes T, Lee M, Kaul F, Kleinschmidt J
Meeting Abstract (OP468)

HDMX and HDMX-S in human cancer – prognostic significance and therapeutic targets?

Böhnke A, Picot C, Schulz J, Taubert H, Hauptmann S, Bartel F
Meeting Abstract (OP469)

Suppression of pancreatic tumor growth in liver by systemic administration of the TRAIL Gene driven by the hTERT Promoter

Jacob D, Bahra M, Schumacher G, Fang B, Langrehr J, Neuhaus P
Meeting Abstract (OP470)

Irradiation-induced pneumonitis relies on the CD95/ CD95-L system

Heinzelmann F, Jendrossek V, Lauber K, Boras R, Eldh T, Nowak K, Handrick R, Henkel M, Budach W, Belka C
Meeting Abstract (OP471)

Expression Levels and Activation Status of Full-Length and Truncated Her2 Protein in Human Mammary Tumours May be a Positive Predictor For Her2-Directed Therapy Response

Zielinski D, Rüschoff J, Henkel T
Meeting Abstract (OP472)

Slam and SAP are Important for Effector Cell killing of Target Cells

Mehrle S, Märten A, Büchler MW, Schmidt J
Meeting Abstract (PO473)

Secretion and Uptake of Recombinant GBP-1: A New Approach for an Anti-Angiogenic Tumor Therapy

Metzner M, Hupe M, Naschberger E, Thurau M, Hohenadl C, Lipnik K, Mörtinger T, Hohenberger W, Stürzl M
Meeting Abstract (PO474)

Non-oncogenic deletion mutants of adenoviral E1A inhibit proliferation of ovarian cancer cells

Deißler H, Hanselmann C, DeGregorio N, Koppold B, Kurzeder C, Kreienberg R, Opalka B, Deissler H
Meeting Abstract (PO475)

Hypoxia inducible transcription factor HIF-2a interferes with cisplatin induced cell death in adenocarcinoma cells in vitro

Rose F, Eul B, Kamlah F, An H, Grimminger F, Engenhart-Cabillic R, Seeger W, Hänze J
Meeting Abstract (PO476)

Frequent Detection of Alternatively and Aberrantly Spliced Transcripts of the HDMX-mRNA in Human Cancer

Picot C, Böhnke A, Schulz J, Taubert H, Hauptmann S, Bartel F
Meeting Abstract (PO477)

Chemotherapeutic agents enhance gene transfer with an adeno-associated virus-based vector into breast cancer cells

Kurzeder C, Koppold B, Büning H, Kreienberg R, Deissler H, Kurzeder C
Meeting Abstract (PO478)

No correlation between hypoxia-associated markers and oxygenation status in cancers of the uterine cervix

Mayer A, Höckel M, Vaupel P
Meeting Abstract (PO479)

The use of nonviral jet-injection technology for cancer gene therapy

Walther W, Stein U, Kobelt D, Aumann J, Schlag PM
Meeting Abstract (PO480)

Proteomic analysis of formalin fixed cancer tissues using protein microarrays

Becker KF, Hipp S, Metzger V, Höfler H
Meeting Abstract (PO481)

Common denominator genes that distinguish colorectal carcinoma from normal mucosa

Croner R, Förtsch T, Brückl W, Günther K, Klein-Hitpass L, Matzel K, Papadopoulos T, Kirchner T, Behrens J, Stürzl M, Hohenberger W, Reingruber B
Meeting Abstract (PO482)

Development of PBCA NPs as Carrier System for the Treatment of Brain Tumors and for the Gene Therapy

Bouazzaoui A, Kubasch J, Radunz HE, Singh S, Sabel BA
Meeting Abstract (PO483)

Display of Her-2 Associated Signal Transduction Pathways in Clinical Samples by Means of Immunohistochemistry

Zielinski D, Hofmann M, Henkel T
Meeting Abstract (PO484)

Establishing a method for quantitative analyses of Xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes gene expression by Real-time PCR

Helmig S, Hadzaad B, Schneider J