gms | German Medical Science

1st International Conference of the German Society of Nursing Science

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pflegewissenschaft e. V.

04.05. - 05.05.2018, Berlin

Oral sessions
Influencing factors of nurses’ quality and quantity

Meeting Abstract (18dgpO17)

Professional values and competencies as explanatory factors for the use of Evidence-based practice in nursing in Slovenian hospitals

Skela-Savič B
Meeting Abstract (18dgpO18)

Explore actual daily nurse-to-patient ratio over one year for six different units

Musy SN, Nakas CT, Simon M
Meeting Abstract (18dgpO19)

Development of a monitoring of nursing service context factors in Swiss acute care hospitals

Spirig R, Kleinknecht-Dolf M
Meeting Abstract (18dgpO20)

Testing an acuity-based nurse assignment tool in inpatient oncology units: a pre-post pilot study

Gerber A, Eicher M, Simon M