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Joint-Meeting of the German Society for Neuropathology and Neuroanatomy (DGNN) and the Scandinavian Neuropathological Society (SNS)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neuropathologie und Neuroanatomie

22.09.-24.09.2016, Hamburg

Oral presentations

Meeting Abstract (16dgnnNI2)

Apheresis therapy in multiple sclerosis patients with histopathologically classified immunopathological patterns

Stork L, Ellenberger D, Beißbarth T, Friede T, Lucchinetti C, Brück W, Metz I
Meeting Abstract (16dgnnNI5)

Astrocytes-restricted NF-kB activation enhances microglial response and induces a transient neuroprotection on Motor Neurons during ALS disease progression

Ouali Alami N, Schurr C, Boeckers T, Wirth T, Ludolph A, Baumann B, Roselli F
Meeting Abstract (16dgnnNI6)

Environment and autophagy influence the inflammatory response of microglia

Jendrach M, Houtman J, Heppner F