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57. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neuropathologie und Neuroanatomie (DGNN)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neuropathologie und Neuroanatomie

12. - 15.09.2012, Erlangen

Poster Presentations

Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.1)

Dispersible amyloid beta protein oligomers, protofibrils, and fibrils in symptomatic AD, preclinical AD and control brains

Rijal Upadhaya A, Kosterin I, Walter J, Kumar S, Fändrich M, Rudolf Thal D
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.2)

Exercise normalizes hippocampal and amygdalar Ephrin signaling in Alzheimer TgCRND8 mice

Herring A, Schafhausen Ferreira A, Härtl S, Keyvani K
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.3)

Neuroprotective effect of erythropoietin

Iwasaki Y
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.4)

Asymmetry of neurodegenerative disease-related pathologies

Stefanits H, Hainfellner J, Budka H, Kovacs G
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.5)

Luminescent conjugated polythiophenes detect different prion strains in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Leske H, Schwarz P, Hammarström P, Nilsson P, Hornemann S, Aguzzi A
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.6)

The morphotype, and the residual TPP-1 enzyme activity correlate with the underlying mutations in theTPP1/CLN2gene of Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses Late Infantile and variant Juvenile.

Noher de Halac I, Pons P, Carabelos N, Guelbert N, Dodelson de Kremer R, Cismondi IA, Alonso GI, Oller-Ramirez AM, Kohan R
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.7)

Christfried Jakob (1866–1956) – a biographical sketch

Schindler C
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.8)

Reducing alzheimer´s disease β-amyloid and cognitive deficits by manipulating il-12/il-23 signaling

Prokop S, vom Berg J, Miller KR, Obst J, Kälin RE, Lopategui-Cabezas I, Wegner A, Mair F, Becher B, Heppner FL
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.9)

Rifampicin decreases cerebral beta-amyloid accumulation in APP/PS1 mice

Brenn A, Grube M, Jedlitschky G, Leupold S, Strohmier B, Keller M, Eiden M, Groschup MH, Vogelgesang S
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.10)

The impact of amyloid β-protein aggregation and production on tau pathology in different APP-TAU double transgenic mouse models

Hipp S, Rijal Upadhaya A, Kosterin I, Fändrich M, Rabe S, Staufenbiel M, Thal DR
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.11)

Beta amyloid mediated synaptic pathology in animal models of familial Alzheimer’s disease

Dorostkar M, Burgold S, Bittner T, Herms J
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.12)

Alteration of sphingosine kinases is responsible for alpha synuclein secretion and for cells death in experimental model of Parkinson Disease

Strosznajder J, Pyszko J, Gassowska M, Kazmierczak A, Strosznajder R, Adamczyk A
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.13)

Unilateral cerebellar hypoplasia and mesencephalic malformation in a Hanoverianthoroughbred foal

Schroeder S, Schmidt M, Preis S, Klumpp S, Koehler K, Kuchelmeister K, Herden C
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.14)

Optical nanoscopy of synaptic architecture in mammalian brain slices using a genetically encoded biotag

Kempf C, Reuter K, Bingen P, Barzan D, Staudt T, Horstmann H, Herten DP, Hell S, Kuner T
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.15)

AD-type pathology in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration

Liscic R, Cairns NJ
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.16)

High dietary intake of iron and aluminum promotes disease progression in a transgenic mousemodel of Parkinson’s disease

Schinke K, Prix C, Schmidt F, Bötzel K, Levin J, Giese A
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.17)

Mitochondrial DNA deletions and transcription profiles of different brain regions from patients with Alzheimer´s disease at single cell level

Gerschütz A, Monoranu CM, Heinsen H, Meissner C, Grünblatt E, Fallgatter A, Al-Sarraj S, Troakes C, Ferrer I, Arzberger T, Riederer P
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.18)

Neurodevelopmental Disorders in a Case of Morphine Addiction

Totxo Guerrero DS, Tristán Agundis MF, Vargas Félix G, Alonso Zúñiga RE, Castañeda González C, Garduño Treviño HR, Peralta Rodríguez B, Gelista Herrera N, Rembao Bojórquez D
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.19)

Increased toxicity of extracellular alpha-synuclein following Bafilomycin A1 treatment occurs without enhancing aggregate release

Pöhler AM, Xiang W, Schlötzer-Schrehardt U, Meixner H, Winkler J, Klucken J
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.20)

Reconstruction of projection pathways from coeruleus-subcoeruleus and medullary areas missing in conventional rat brain atlantes, to study lesion effects of toxins, e.g. TaClo (1-trichloromethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-ß-carboline)

Zielke B
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.21)

Alpha-synuclein expressing CG4 cell line: a possible in vitro model for multiple system atrophy

Ettle B, May V, Wegner M, Klucken J, Winkler J
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.22)

Lentiviral transduced clonal derived LUHMES cells: a new alpha-synuclein cell culture model in dopaminergic neurons

Behr K, Pöhler AM, Winkler J, Klucken J
Meeting Abstract (12dgnnPP4.23)

Mixed Alzheimer’s disease and Lewy body dementia

Walker L, Thomas A, Morris C, Attems J