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73. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC)
Joint Meeting mit der Griechischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

29.05. - 01.06.2022, Köln

ePoster Montag, 30.05.2022
Experimentelle Neuroonkologie I/Experimental Neurooncology I

Meeting Abstract (P048)

Ex vivo expanded, autologous NKG2C+ natural killer cells from blood of HCMV+ patients for immunotherapy of glioblastoma multiforme

Michen S, Sagerer ANJ, Jugel W, Becker A, Füssel M, Schackert G, Temme A
Meeting Abstract (P049)

Activation of the CCR8-ACP5 axis by human, microglia/macrophage derived CCL18 promotes glioma growth

Huang Y, Motta E, Nanvuma C, Kuhrt L, Yuan Y, Xia P, Lubas M, Zhu S, Quazi N, Hu F, Zhang H, Ting L, Synowitz M, Kettenmann H, Flüh C
Meeting Abstract (P051)

The antineoplastic effect of antiepileptic drugs in patient-derived IDH mutant glioma stem cells

Dao Trong HP, Jungwirth G, Warta R, Unterberg AW, Herold-Mende C
Meeting Abstract (P052)

Expression of E1 components of mitochondrial 2-Oxo-Dehydrogenase complexes as prognostic markers, indicators of malignancy and potential therapeutic targets

Kölling T, Seidenstücker T, Meixensberger J, Gaunitz F
Meeting Abstract (P053)

Expression of potential tumour promoter LRIG2 is higher in secondary glioblastoma than in primary glioblastomas

Happe M, Goldbrunner R, Timmer M
Meeting Abstract (P054)

ENO1 is upregulated in relapsed low-grade glioma

Dinh TD, Goldbrunner R, Timmer M
Meeting Abstract (P055)

Concomitant application of Tumour Treating Fields (TTFields), temozolomide and lomustine in glioblastoma cancer cells in vitro suggests efficacy benefit

Fishman H, Monin R, Dor-On E, Haber A, Ehrle S, Giladi M, Weinberg U, Palti Y
Meeting Abstract (P057)

Riluzole effect on dexamethasone induced expression of stemness related marker in U87MG cells

Keul J, Sperling S, Ninkovic M, Rohde V
Meeting Abstract (P058)

A target therapy approach for BRAF mutant Glioblastoma with human preclinical glioblastoma model

Zhang J, Ravi VM, Joseph K, Beck J, Schnell O, Heiland DH
Meeting Abstract (P059)

Insights into gene regulation under temozolomide-promoted cellular dormancy and its connection to stemness

Kubelt C, Hellmold D, Ahmeti H, Synowitz M, Held-Feindt J