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60. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC)
Joint Meeting mit den Benelux-Ländern und Bulgarien

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

24. - 27.05.2009, Münster

P07 Neuromodulation

Meeting Abstract (P07-01)

Analysis of fetal dopaminergic transplant fiber outgrowth in a neonatal rat model of Parkinson’s disease

Pauly MC, Papazoglou A, Hackl C, Piroth T, Nikkhah G
Meeting Abstract (P07-02)

The influence of pellet density on the graft-induced functional recovery in a skilled paw-reaching test in the rodent unilateral 6-OHDA Parkinson's disease model

Kohn Cordeiro K, Papazoglou A, Jang W, Diaconu O, Döbrössy M, Nikkhah G
Meeting Abstract (P07-03)

Two-step grafting – a new method to enhance cell survival and study graft development in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease (PD)

Büchele F, Papazoglou A, Jiang W, Nikkhah G
Meeting Abstract (P07-04)

Neurotransplantation in Parkinson’s disease: Role of serotonin neurons within the graft suspension for the expression of L-DOPA- and Graft-induced dyskinesia

Garcia J, Carlsson T, Nikkhah G, Winkler C
Meeting Abstract (P07-05)

Human-derived ventral mesencephalic dopaminergic grafts in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease

Rath A, Papazoglou A, Garcia J, Krause M, Nikkhah G
Meeting Abstract (P07-06)

Multi-track transplantation approach in a quinolinic acid induced rodent model of Huntington’s disease

Jiang W, Döbrössy M, Papazoglou A, Büchele F, Garcia J, Nikkhah G
Meeting Abstract (P07-07)

Epidural stimulation of the motor cortex for neuropathic pain

Reithmeier T, Pinsker M, Piroth T, Trippel M, Prokop T, Nikkhah G
Meeting Abstract (P07-08)

High cervical epidural neurostimulation for bilateral cluster headache: case report

Wolter T, Kieselbach K, Kaube H
Meeting Abstract (P07-09)

Auditory cortex stimulation for tinnitus

Schlaier J, Kleinjung T, Brawanski A, de Ridder D, Langguth B
Meeting Abstract (P07-10)

Criteria for implantation of a new rechargeable pulse generator for deep brain stimulation based on replacement intervals of Kinetra® devices

Schneider GH, Weise L, Kivi A, Kühn A, Abbushi A, Hübel J, Kupsch A
Meeting Abstract (P07-11)

Deep brain stimulation of the VOA for dystonic-jerky-unsteady-hand syndrome: case report

Falk D, Warneke N, Köpper F, Volkmann J, Mehdorn H
Meeting Abstract (P07-12)

Acute urinary retention after subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation

Schlaier J, Lange M, Fritsche HM, Wieland W, Brawanski A, Ganzer R