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57. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie e. V. (DGNC)
Joint Meeting mit der Japanischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

11. bis 14.05.2006, Essen

P 03 Freie Themen 2

Meeting Abstract (P 03.26)

Evaluation of a bedside monitoring tool with simultaneous assessment of intracranial pressure, cerebral perfusion pressure, cerebral blood flow and critical closing pressure in patients with severe SAH or brain injury

Jägersberg M, Boström J, Schaller C, Thees C
Meeting Abstract (P 03.27)

Experience with a new sensor for combined intraparenchymal measurement of ICP, ptiO2 and temperature

Hoelper BM, Kunze G, Alessandri B, Hey A, Behr R
Meeting Abstract (P 03.28)

Wavelet or ARMA models for automatic detection of B-waves?

Kiefer M, Jetzki S, Szczesny S, Steudel WI, Leonhardt S
Meeting Abstract (P 03.29)

Simultaneous continuous CSF drainage and pressure measurement in ventricular and lumbar drainage: Development of a new device and first clinical experiences

Hoelper BM, Behr R
Meeting Abstract (P 03.30)

Ventricular catheter placement using flexible electromagnetic navigation and a dynamic reference frame

Rodt T, Köppen G, Mirzayan MJ, Lorenz M, Kaminsky J, Krauss JK
Meeting Abstract (P 03.31)

A tool for the frameless navigated placement of intracerebral catheters

Dörner L, Petersen B, Mehdorn HM, Nabavi A
Meeting Abstract (P 03.32)

The frameless placement of convection-enhanced delivery catheters: experiences with more than 50 placed catheters for chemotherapy

Dörner L, Nabavi A, Mehdorn HM
Meeting Abstract (P 03.33)

Can a regular change of external ventricular drainage (EVD) prevent cerebrospinal fluid infection in patients with intracranial hemorrhage?

Mayer C, Albert R, Proescholdt MA, Bele S, Woertgen C, Brawanski A
Meeting Abstract (P 03.34)

Modified calcium accumulation after controlled cortical impact under Cyclosporin A treatment. A 45Ca autoradiographic study

Mirzayan MJ, Uhde S, Klinge P, Samii M, Brinker T, Korkmaz Z, Meyer GJ, Krauss JK, Knapp WH, Stan AC, Samii A
Meeting Abstract (P 03.35)

Neuropsychological testing as follow-up for chronic subdural haematomas

Schütze M, Mathieu D, Buchholz K, Piek J
Meeting Abstract (P 03.36)

Acute epidural hematoma caused by contrecoup head injury

Mitsuyama T, Asamoto S, Ide M, Kawamura H
Meeting Abstract (P 03.37)

Outcome prediction of a single parameter analysis in present somatosensory and acoustic evoked potentials after severe traumatic brain injury

Morgalla MH, Bauer J, Tatagiba M
Meeting Abstract (P 03.38)

Formation of reactive oxygen species induced by a focal mass lesion in rodents: Dependency on arterial and brain tissue oxygenation

Warnat J, Stoerr EA, Gruber M, Finkenzeller T, Brawanski A, Burger R
Meeting Abstract (P 03.39)

European multi-center study of a new rechargeable neurostimulation system

Tronnier V, Krauss JK, Rasche D, Weigel R, Capelle H, Lazorthes Y, Van Buyten BJP, Spincemaille G, Beute G, Pallarés JJ, Zucco F, Sindou M, De Andrés J, Costantini A, Buchser E
Meeting Abstract (P 03.40)

Abnormal breathing patterns after subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease – Case report

Freudenstein D, Breit S, Ritz R, Tatagiba M
Meeting Abstract (P 03.41)

Fiber tracking improves the accuracy of subthalamic nucleus (STN) targeting in deep brain stimulation (DBS)

Brentrup A, Möllmann F, Kugel H, Bothe HW
Meeting Abstract (P 03.42)

Development of an automatical classificator for the evaluation of extracellular microrecording signals in stereotactic surgery of the subthalamic nucleus

Henrichs T, Hertel F, Decker C, Gemmar P