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55. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie e. V. (DGNC)
1. Joint Meeting mit der Ungarischen Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurochirurgie (DGNC) e. V.

25. bis 28.04.2004, Köln

Vorträge Montag
MO.02 Hauptthema III: Hydrozephalus

Meeting Abstract (MO.02.01)

Shunt indication: Still enigmatic

Kiefer M, Eymann R, Steudel WI
Meeting Abstract (MO.02.02)

Intracranial pressure monitoring prior to and following probatory CSF drainage in patients with suspected normal pressure hydrocephalus – Preliminary results

Bondar I, Pauli SU, Firsching R
Meeting Abstract (MO.02.03)

Clinical course of disease 3 years after surgery in patients with idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus

Meier U, Lemcke J
Meeting Abstract (MO.02.04)

Preliminary experiences in the treatment of chronic hydrocephalus using the Miethke GA Valve

München D, Eymann R, Steudel WI, Kiefer M
Meeting Abstract (MO.02.05)

Outcome after shunt operation in normal pressure hydrocephalus of the elderly: The impact of age, gender and duration of symptoms

Leheta O, Krauss JK
Meeting Abstract (MO.02.06)

Is there any use in shunting elderly patients over eighty years?

Langer N, Westphal M, Kehler U
Meeting Abstract (MO.02.07)

Endoscopic 3rd Ventriculostomy of hemorrhage-related hydrocephalus in the geriatric patient: A review of 11 cases

Oertel J, Schroeder HWS, Gaab MR
Meeting Abstract (MO.02.08)

Hydrocephalus grading system to predict the outcome of third ventriculostomy

Kehler U, Regelsberger J, Gliemroth J, Westphal M
Meeting Abstract (MO.02.09)

Endoscopic aqueductoplasty - Long-term results

Schroeder HWS, Oertel J, Gaab MR