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24. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Arterioskleroseforschung

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Arterioskleroseforschung

18.03. - 20.03.2010, Blaubeuren

Meeting Contributions

Meeting Contribution (10dgaf01)

CXCR3-mediated mTORC1 activation plays a crucial role in inflammatory cell recruitment during vascular remodeling

Schwarz JB, Zohlnhöfer-Momm D
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf02)

Histopathological correlation and feasibility of atherosclerotic carotid lesion classification usingT2* weighted imaging at 9.4T MRI

Göbel H, Spehl T, Paul D, Mankl M, Mader I, Harloff A
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf03)

Expression of IL17A in human atherosclerotic lesions is associated with increased inflammation and plaque vulnerability

Erbel C, Wangler S, Dengler TJ, Bea F, Wambsganss N, Hakimi M, Böckler D, Katus HA, Gleissner CA
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf04)

Expression of stromal cell-derived factor-1 on the surface of circulating platelets: from molecular interactions to clinical significance

Stellos K, Sopova K, Gnerlich S, Panagiota V, Paul A, Gawaz M
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf05)

Reversal of eNOS uncoupling and upregulation of eNOS expression as a new therapeutic approach to cardiovascular diseases

Li H, Förstermann U
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf06)

The VEGF/VEGF receptor system modulates pro-apoptotic endonucleases and their chaperones in the vascular endothelium

Al-Fakhri N, Mey L, Hörmann M, Kharip Z, Nemeth K, Hildenberg A, Löwer C, Heidt M, Renz H
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf07)

Increasing dyspnoea caused by an intracardiac mass in the right atrium

Szabo S, Oikonomopoulos T, Marx R, Hoffmeister HM
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf08)

Lower platelet count is associated with an enhanced platelet surface expression of collagen receptor glycoprotein VI in patients with symptomatic coronary artery disease

Bigalke B, Stellos K, Joos T, Pötz O, Kremmer E, Seizer P, Gawaz M
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf09)

Convulsive properties of D,L homocysteine and D,L homocysteine thiolactone in adult rats

Stanojlovic O, Rašic-Markovic A, Hrncic D, Djuric D
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf10)

The role of potassium channels in the relaxation of rat renal artery induced by resveratrol

Gojkovic-Bukarica L, Novakovic R, Cvejic J, Kanjuh V, Atanackovic M, Heinle H
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf11)

Analysis of resveratrol incorporated in liposomes containing vitamin C and E

Atanackovic M, Cvejic J, Güzel D, Kenchappa V, Heinle H, Gojkovic-Bukarica L
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf12)

Role of GDF-15 (growth differentiation factor 15) in the progression of atherosclerosis in apoE deficient mice

Zügel S, Bonaterra GA, Vorwald S, Bendner G, Strelau J, Kinscherf R
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf13)

Effect of Growth Differentiation Factor-15 (GDF-15) on the expression of apoptosis-relevant genes in a mouse-model of atherosclerosis

Thogersen J, Zügel S, Bonaterra GA, Bendner G, Vorwald S, Fey J, Traut U, Strelau J, Kinscherf R
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf14)

The VEGF/VEGF receptor system in atherosclerosis and in a vascular organ culture model

Mey L, Löwer C, Kharip Z, Hildenberg A, Nemeth K, Renz H, Al-Fakhri N
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf15)

CXCL4 induces a unique transcriptome in monocyte-derived macrophages

Gleissner CA, Shaked I, Little KM, Ley K
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf16)

CXCL4 downregulates the atheroprotective hemoglobin receptor CD163 in human macrophages

Gleissner CA, Shaked I, Erbel C, Böckler D, Katus HA, Ley E
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf17)

MicroRNA-dependent regulation of macrophage function

Sendelbach S, Maeß MB, Lorkowski S
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf18)

Improved homing of endothelial progenitor cells by the bispecific protein GPVI-CD133

Schönberger T, Langer H, Gauß A, Hafner R, von der Ruhr J, Schumm M, Bühring HJ, van Zandvoort M, Jung G, Skutella T, Gawaz M
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf19)

Regulation of OSCAR in endothelial cells by cytokines and growth factors

Nemeth K, Göttsch C, Finger S, Hofbauer L, Schoppet M, Al-Fakhri N
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf20)

Regulation of endothelial 5'-AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) by VEGF and 2-deoxyglucose

Spengler K, Stahmann N, Krause S, Heller R
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf21)

The quality of care for patients receiving an outpatient PCI

Foerster A, Kurt B, Hahmann M, Sattler A, Leussler D, Schaefer JR
Meeting Contribution (10dgaf22)

Predictive value of palmitoylcarnitine in serum of cardiosurgical patients for impaired tissue oxygenation

Vogt S, Schäfer J, Schulze A, Moosdorf R