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Artificial Vision 2015

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

27.11. - 28.11.2015, Aachen

VII New Tools and Ideas

Meeting Abstract (15artvis31)

Developing a calibrated ultra-low vision (ULV) assessment toolkit

Dagnelie G, Geruschat D, Massof RW, Jeter PE, Adeyemo O
Meeting Abstract (15artvis32)

Real Time Fully Wireless Implantable Optogenetics Visual Cortical Stimulator

Fattah NA, Al-Atabany W, Sokolov D, Chester G, Degenaar P
Meeting Abstract (15artvis33)

Evaluation of Neuronal Stimulation Methods for Retinal Bipolar Cells Including New Pulse Density Modulated, Charge Controlled Stimulation Approach

Raffelberg P, Marzouk AM, Schüttler D, Viga R, Kokozinski R
Meeting Abstract (15artvis34)

Development of an implantable epiretinal vision prosthesis with integrated image acquisition -OPTOEPIRET

Walter P, Mokwa W, Grabmaier A, Kokozinski R, Viga R