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Artificial Vision 2015

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

27.11. - 28.11.2015, Aachen

V Preclinical Evaluation II: Functional aspects

Meeting Abstract (15artvis17)

Validation of photovoltaic subretinal implants on ex-vivo blind non-human primate retinas

Prévot PH, Dalouz S, Blaize K, Dubus E, Porceddu J, Nouvel-Jaillard C, Goetz G, Deterre M, Buc G, Sahel JA, Picaud S
Meeting Abstract (15artvis18)

Contrast sensitivity with a subretinal prosthesis and implications for efficient delivery of visual information

Goetz G, Smith R, Lei X, Galambos L, Kamins T, Mathieson K, Sher A, Palanker D
Meeting Abstract (15artvis19)

Suprachoroidal-transretinal stimulation with the VLARS (very large array retina stimulator) device in a cat

Lohmann TK, Kanda H, Morimoto T, Miyoshi T, Mokwa W, Walter P, Fujikado T
Meeting Abstract (15artvis20)

Spatial extent of neural responses evaluated by single-unit activities of the lateral geniculate nucleus elicited by suprachoroidal electrical stimulation

Kanda H, Miyoshi T, Morimoto T, Fujikado T
Meeting Abstract (15artvis21)

Electrical receptive field mapping in blind retina using localized electrical stimulation with a subretinal implant

Stutzki H, Helmhold F, Zeck G
Meeting Abstract (15artvis22)

Restricting spread of neural activation in the retina using focused multipolar stimulation

Spencer TC, Fallon JB, Thien PC, Shivdasani MN