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Artificial Vision 2015

The International Symposium on Visual Prosthetics

27.11. - 28.11.2015, Aachen

III Technology and materials for visual prostheses

Meeting Abstract (15artvis09)

Fabrication of Curved Flexible Microelectrode Arrays for epiretinal Stimulation

Waschkowski F, Rieck AC, Brockmann C, Laube T, Bornfeld N, Walter P, Mokwa W, Roessler G
Meeting Abstract (15artvis10)

Flexible Multi-Electrode Array for Retinal Implants

Winkin N, Etzkorn C, Johnen S, Mokwa W, Walter P
Meeting Abstract (15artvis11)

PEDOT–CNT coated electrodes stimulate retinal neurons at low voltage amplitudes and low charge densities

Zeck G, Stelzle M, Samba R, Herrmann T
Meeting Abstract (15artvis12)

Physiological Properties of Retinal Precursor Cells Grown on Ruthenium Nano-Lawn Structures Generated for Modification of Microelectrode Array Systems

Johnen S, Jupe A, Goehlich A, Mokwa W, Walter P
Meeting Abstract (15artvis13)

The advantages and problems of the use of HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology / software & HDR sensors for prosthetic vision