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7th International Symposium on AMD: Age-related Macular Degeneration – Understanding Pathogenetic Mechanisms of Disease

20.09. - 21.09.2019, Baden-Baden

AMD basics

Meeting Abstract (19amd01)

Cellular structures – computational biology of the macula

Luthert PJ
Meeting Abstract (19amd02)

Molecular microarchitecture of macula in health and AMD

Curcio CA, Kar D, Dacey DM, Anderson DMG, Kotnala A, Schey KL
Meeting Abstract (19amd03)

Addressing choriocapillaris degeneration in AMD: cause, consequences, and potential therapies

Mullins RF
Meeting Abstract (19amd04)

Development of a genotyping assay for AMD: the EYE-RISK Consortium

de Breuk A, Acar IE, Kersten E, Schijvenaars MMVAP, Meester-Smoor MA, Delcourt C, Klaver CCW, Monés J, Pauleikhoff D, Silva R, Fauser S, Hoyng CB, Coenen MJH, den Hollander AI, Consortium EYE-RISK
Meeting Abstract (19amd05)

Genetic Risk Score has added value over initial clinical grading stage in predicting disease progression in patients with non-advanced age-related macular degeneration – the Muenster Aging and Retina Study (MARS)

Heesterbeek TJ, de Jong EK, Acar IE, Groenewoud JMM, Liefers B, Sánchez CI, Peto T, Hoyng CB, Pauleikhoff D, Hense HW, den Hollander AI