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GMS Psycho-Social-Medicine Jahrgang 1

Research Article

Age and sex dependencies of anxiety and depression in cardiologic patients compared with the general population

Hinz A, Kittel J, Karoff M, Schwarz R
Psycho-Social-Medicine 2004; 1:Doc09 (20041220)
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Research Article

Work and health conditions of nursing staff in palliative care and hospices in Germany

Schröder C, Bänsch A, Schröder H
Psycho-Social-Medicine 2004; 1:Doc08 (20041118)
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Research Article

Validation and reliability of the German version of the Chronic Pain Grade questionnaire in primary care back pain patients

Klasen BW, Hallner D, Schaub C, Willburger R, Hasenbring M
Psycho-Social-Medicine 2004; 1:Doc07 (20041014)
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Case Report

Neural processing of traumatic events in subjects suffering PTSD

Flatten G, Perlitz V, Pestinger M, Arin T, Kohl B, Kastrau F, Schnitker R, Vohn R, Weber J, Ohnhaus M, Petzold ER, Erli HJ
Psycho-Social-Medicine 2004; 1:Doc06 (20040715)
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Review Article

The development of guidelines for the treatment of patients with mental disorders under particular consideration of rehabilitative aspects

Büscher C, Watzke B, Koch U, Schulz H
Psycho-Social-Medicine 2004; 1:Doc05 (20040701)
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Research Article

Career support in medicine

Buddeberg-Fischer B, Vetsch E, Mattanza G
Psycho-Social-Medicine 2004; 1:Doc04 (20040701)
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Research Article

Predictive value of breast cancer cognitions and attitudes toward genetic testing on women’s interest in genetic testing for breast cancer risk

Reitz F, Barth J, Bengel J
Psycho-Social-Medicine 2004; 1:Doc03 (20040701)
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Research Article

Internal psychosomatic medicine within the German Diagnosis Related Groups System

Häuser W, Zimmer C, Wilhelm R, Klein W, Krause-Wichmann D
Psycho-Social-Medicine 2004; 1:Doc02 (20040701)
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Herrmann-Lingen C, von Troschke J, Gaebel W
Psycho-Social-Medicine 2004; 1:Doc01 (20040701)
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