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GMS Infectious Diseases Jahrgang 9

Research Article

Comparative in vitro activity of piperacillin-tazobactam and temocillin against third-generation cephalosporin-resistant, carbapenem-susceptible Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae

Kresken M, Pfeifer Y, Werner G
GMS Infect Dis 2021; 9:Doc08 (20211221)
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Review Article Urogenital Infections and Inflammations

Urinary tract infections in patients with renal insufficiency and dialysis – epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Scherberich JE, Fünfstück R, Naber KG
GMS Infect Dis 2021; 9:Doc07 (20211221)
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Research Article

Retrospective audit of antibiotic use in a university general pediatrics department using hospital pharmacy dispensing data

Egle L, Sauter K, Ockfen S, Haber M, Becker S, Wagenpfeil G, Zemlin M, Meyer S, Simon A
GMS Infect Dis 2021; 9:Doc06 (20211201)
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Review Article Urogenital Infections and Inflammations

Healthcare-associated urinary tract infections in urology

Medina-Polo J, Naber KG, Bjerklund Johansen TE
GMS Infect Dis 2021; 9:Doc05 (20210830)
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Research Article Urogenital Infections and Inflammations

Observational study over 8-year period evaluating microbiological characteristics and risk factor for isolation of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRO) in patients with healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) hospitalized in a urology ward

Medina-Polo J, Gil-Moradillo J, González-Díaz A, Abad-López P, Santos-Pérez de la Blanca R, Hernández-Arroyo M, Peña-Vallejo H, Téigell-Tobar J, Calzas-Montalvo C, Caro-González P, Miranda-Utrera N, Tejido-Sánchez Á
GMS Infect Dis 2021; 9:Doc04 (20210830)
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Review Article Urogenital Infections and Inflammations

Recurrent uncomplicated urinary tract infections: definitions and risk factors

Cai T
GMS Infect Dis 2021; 9:Doc03 (20210527)
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Review Article

Prophylaxis and treatment of influenza: options, antiviral susceptibility, and existing recommendations

Duwe SC, Schmidt B, Gärtner BC, Timm J, Adams O, Fickenscher H, Schmidtke M
GMS Infect Dis 2021; 9:Doc02 (20210430)
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Case Report

Canibacter oris – a fairly unknown pathogenic agent of bite wound infections

Hof H, Bode K, von Stillfried F
GMS Infect Dis 2021; 9:Doc01 (20210422)
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