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GMS German Medical Science — an Interdisciplinary Journal Jahrgang 11

Research Article Plastic Surgery

Breast reconstruction de novo by water-jet assisted autologous fat grafting – a retrospective study

Hoppe DL, Ueberreiter K, Surlemont Y, Peltoniemi H, Stabile M, Kauhanen S
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc17 (20131212)
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Research Article Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Occupational risk factors for testicular cancer: a registry-based case-control study in Rhineland Palatinate – Germany

Yousif L, Hammer GP, Emrich K, Blettner M, Zeeb H
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc16 (20131112)
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Research Article Psycho-Social Medicine

Impact of numerical information on risk knowledge regarding human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination among schoolgirls: a randomised controlled trial

Steckelberg A, Albrecht M, Kezle A, Kasper J, Mühlhauser I
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc15 (20131017)
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Case Report

Actinobacillus equuli ssp. haemolyticus in a semi-occlusively treated horse bite wound in a 2-year-old girl

Schröttner P, Schultz J, Rudolph W, Gunzer F, Thürmer A, Fitze G, Jacobs E
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc14 (20130924)
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10 Jahre German Medical Science

Reinauer H
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc13 (20130828)
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Review Article

Primary small cell carcinoma of the esophagus: patient data metaanalysis and review of the literature

Al Mansoor S, Ziske C, Schmidt-Wolf IG
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc12 (20130823)
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Research Article

External tube drainage or omentoplasty in the management of residual hepatic hydatid cyst cavity: a prospective randomized controlled study

Wani AA, Rashid A, Laharwal AR, Kakroo SM, Abbas M, Chalkoo MA
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc11 (20130729)
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Research Article

Benefits and risks of benzodiazepines and Z-drugs: comparison of perceptions of GPs and community pharmacists in Germany

Hoffmann F
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc10 (20130718)
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Intensivmedizinische Qualitätsindikatoren für Deutschland 2013 – zweite Auflage

Braun JP, Kumpf O, Deja M, Brinkmann A, Marx G, Bloos F, Kaltwasser A, Dubb R, Muhl E, Greim C, Bause H, Weiler N, Chop I, Waydhas C, Spies C
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc09 (20130716)
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Case Report

Idiopathic colonic calcification: a case report

Masoodi I, Al-Qurashi H, Alfaifi A, Albishri J, Ganie MA, Sirwal IA, Al-Ahmari A
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc08 (20130618)
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Research Article

Focal neuropathies following percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) – preliminary study

Nasseh H, Pourreza F, Saberi A, Kazemnejad E, Kalantari BB, Falahatkar S
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc07 (20130613)
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Case Report

Spinal and extraspinal deformities in a patient with dysspondyloenchondromatosis

Kenis V, Baindurashvili A, Melchenko E, Ganger R, Grill F, Al Kaissi A
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc06 (20130328)
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Research Article

Is tamoxifen associated with an increased risk for thromboembolic complications in patients undergoing microvascular breast reconstruction?

Jokuszies A, Radtke A, Betzler C, Branski L, Krämer R, Vogt PM
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc05 (20130218)
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Discussion Paper

The future of monitoring in clinical research – a holistic approach: Linking risk-based monitoring with quality management principles

Ansmann EB, Hecht A, Henn DK, Leptien S, Stelzer HG
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc04 (20130204)
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Review Article

Aspects of vulnerable patients and informed consent in clinical trials

Kuthning M, Hundt F
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc03 (20130121)
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Research Article

The risk of developing depression when suffering from neurological diseases

Thielscher C, Thielscher S, Kostev K
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc02 (20130114)
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Case Report

Transcatheter Amplatzer vascular plug-embolization of a giant postnephrectomy arteriovenous fistula combined with an aneurysm of the renal pedicle by through-and-through, arteriovenous access

Kayser O, Schäfer P
GMS Ger Med Sci 2013; 11:Doc01 (20130114)
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