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October 25, 2012
Special issue "Health care utilization in Germany: The NWIn research network" of "GMS Psycho-Social-Medicine" published

Six articles on theoretical, methodical and empirical issues of health care utilization in Germany have been published on October 10, 2012 in volume 9 of the journal "GMS Psycho-Social-Medicine".

This special issue of the journal GMS Psycho-Social-Medicine comes as the first publication of NWIn (NetzWerk INanspruchnahme, i.e. Network Utilisation), a research network on health care utilization in Germany funded by the German Research Foundation (grant no.: JA-1849, 1-1). Specifically, over 30 scientists predominantly from medical sociology collaborate on various utilization issues, based on the Behavioral Model of Health Services Use by Ronald M. Andersen as a shared theoretical basis. In this Special Issue, a systematic review on this model is provided, an overview on the comparability of large-scale population surveys in Germany for estimating medical services use prevalence, and papers on obesity, rheuma, prevention/health promotion, and support services for family caregivers. In 2013, an edited book publication provisionally entitled "Health care utilization in Germany: Theory, methodology, and outcomes" is scheduled to be published by Springer Science and Business Media.

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